To obtain a health book, contact the municipal clinic at the place of residence. Write a statement about the issuance of blank books, make for him a set amount and start to pass a medical examination. If you need to create a book in a short time, choose a specialized medical center that has the right to provide services of this kind.
To obtain a medical certificate you must provide a passport, a photo 3x4 cm, in case of extension of validity of medical examinations or sanitary-hygienic certification – its previous sanitary book. The frequency of examinations for each category of employees established by the requirements of the Labour code.
To obtain a medical certificate you will need the results of the hygienic assessment. It includes training (lecture) and a final examination for evaluation of the acquired knowledge. This procedure is paid. If you execute a medical book, you will have to pay for this service yourself. In the future it is usually paid by the employer.
Considered placed the medical book, which contains the necessary level of testing, inspection specialists, a certificate from the office fluoroscopy and delivery of sanitary minimum, i.e. a kind of exam that tests your competence in the chosen specialty. The data are stamped by the institution, which issued a health book.
It should be remembered that the medical book is the official document confirming your admission to work, so don't forget to undergo a medical examination. Do not buy a care book from unknown persons in order to avoid the accusation of forgery.
Upon receipt of a medical certificate do not forget to check with the Registrar if the results of the inspections and surveys into an electronic database. In case of loss of the document you will be able to recover without additional financial costs of this medical facility.