Most importantly, you need a secondary or higher medical education in the specialty "nursing", "medicine" or "obstetrics". Without it, the state certificate you just will not, even if you finished the course. Also allowed secondary or higher professional education in physical culture.
You must complete state massage courses. Commercial are allowed provided they have a license and state accreditation or agreement with the state courses, certificates. Courses that do not require medical training, do not give the right to do massage professionally. In addition, after receiving the state certificate every 5 years you will need to undergo training.
As a certified specialist in massage and a diploma of medical education you can get a license for the provision of medical services – medical massage refers specifically to them. Not require a license types of massage related to domestic service – massage of the face and neck, hands, carried out in beauty salons and Barber shops in the complex nursing procedures. If you position your services as a health – license required.
Your organization (or you as an individual entrepreneur) received a license for medical massage, you'll need the whole complex constituent and registration documents, conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance on the conformity of the works sanitary rules, documents confirming qualification of workers and managers. Also will need a rental contract or proof of ownership of the premises, the expert opinion of health services, as well as documents confirming the availability and serviceability of equipment and tools. Don't forget about paying the state fee. A detailed list of the documents to the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of healthcare and social development, which is the licensing authority.