Medical sanitary book is a document that confirms the lack of employee dangerous diseases. It receives the results of analyses of material and employee surveys medical experts and their findings on admission to a particular activity.

How to issue the sanitary book

To obtain a sanitary book in the SES or the Centers of hygiene and epidemiology at the place of residence or work, but to pass tests and be examined by physicians need to be in the clinic.

Forms of sanitary books established by the state of the sample is not sold freely, and you can only buy them in the SES or establishments of public health, and only after the passage of the so-called hygiene training (San low). When issuing books in it is pasted a photo of the owner, in addition to photos, you must provide an identity document.

In place of issuing a health book, the candidate receives a list of medical professionals from whom he must pass the inspection of, and tests that he must pass.

What doctors must go through when making a health book

Before you undergo medical examination, need to be tested. In the mandatory list for medical health books includes a General analysis of blood sample for HIV or AIDS, syphilis. In addition you must pass urine and feces, swabs from the nasal cavities and the anus, for women – a swab from the vagina. The list also includes fluoroscopy or x-ray examination, electrocardiogram, and sometimes an ultrasound of the abdomen and mammary glands for women.

After receiving the test results must be examined by a dermatologist, psychiatrist, the psychiatrist and the dentist. According to the results of some analyses it is recommended to visit the infectious disease specialist, ENT specialist, dermatologist. All women, without exception, has to visit the gynecologist. The final conclusion about the access to work gives, as a rule, the physician.

Depending on the specifics of different professions, list of medical specialists and tests can vary, and the duration of the conclusions. That is, when you work in trade, catering, children's educational institution a medical examination are held twice a year, and the employees, for example, the sales of the shops or beauty salons once a year.

That confirms the authenticity of health books

Many private medical centers offer almost immediate registration of sanitary books, not having such a service license. When placing this document in the non-state institutions need to ask the staff to present a permit for such activity, and when you make books track that was marked with all the necessary certifying stamps and signatures.

True form health books have a hologram of the state sample in the lower right corner of the second page indicated in the registration form number, and a photograph of the owner must be stamped with the words "medical books".