The place of service is usually selected based on various factors – the wishes of the recruit and his parents, the health of the conscript and his close relatives, availability in the member composition of a particular military unit, as well as between current combat operations and hot spots in the country and abroad.
Not stesnyaytes to inform the draft Board about his desire to serve in the particular military unit. Of course, depending on the circumstances, such wishes are not always taken into account, but often ignored. In some institutions the time of setting young men of military age on the account, they handed out a questionnaire in which they are encouraged to choose the desired branch of service and place of service. Carefully fill the form and specify suitable parameters.
Talk to a medical Commission at the recruiting office or your health care providers in General hospital and find out under what conditions you can serve given your state of health. For example, some recruits doctors prescribe the service in the South and close to the place of residence parts due to the presence of certain health problems. In this case the recruit is issued the corresponding certificate, which he must pass in the military. Also, most likely, will not take to serve far if your parents and other close relatives have serious health problems and need support.
Find out about your future place of service from other recruits, which likely will go to defend the homeland at the same time with you. Also refer to the commanders of the military enlistment office, or to the commander, who will accompany you to the place of service. They usually only provide information about relevant military unit a few days before serving conscripts to serve.