If a girl has a desire to serve, she can go to military school or in the school of ensigns, and since 2008, the year adolescent girls who have chosen their future profession military service, the opportunity to apply to Suvorov, Nakhimov, etc. of the school. In addition, the woman may also enter into a contract for contractual military service, for which she should apply to the military Commissariat by place of residence. But first you should ask the commander of the military unit, where it intends to serve, is there vacant seats for women.
If a suitable vacancy is found, you can start filling in relevant questionnaires. But we should remember that all recruits must meet certain requirements related to the moral and psychological health, according to the military age (18 — 35 years), suitability for military service, etc.
If a girl for any parameters does not meet these requirements, it is likely that her desire to get the service fulfilled. Otherwise, the future defender of the Fatherland need to prepare documents submitted with the application: a written autobiography, a certified copy of employment record, documents on education (it should be higher or secondary professional), identity document as well, if she is married, the marriage certificate and copies of birth certificates of children. Legislation and other documents, but the exact list is better to ask the commander of the military unit. Then she left to wait for the decision of the draft Board.
After receiving confirmation of the call, you need to carefully study the contract. If the proposed terms acceptable, sign it and go to the place of service.
And finally, a bit about what women are supposedly "weaker sex". Of course, physically they are much weaker than men, but it is quite kompensiruet the level of fitness of women and their mastery of weapons, and endurance and resistance to stress. It is therefore quite natural that after conquering all civil men's profession, girls are sent into the army. And, as experience shows, serve the Motherland, not worse, than the representatives of the stronger sex.