If you want to undergo compulsory military service in the Kremlin regiment, to act is necessary for several months before calling. Otherwise, carry out all necessary checks in relation to you just don't have time.
Make sure you meet physically the requirements of the conscripts entered the service in the Kremlin regiment: growth from 175 cm to 190 cm, weight within normal limits, visual acuity in both eyes is not less than 0.7, normal color perception, good hearing (whisper at a distance of 6 meters by each ear).
Ensure that no grounds for refusal in reception in the Kremlin regiment. These include the presence of living abroad relatives and a criminal record for serious crimes. As for you personally, you should live in Russia, not to have problems with the law (the criminal case, outstanding or unwithdrawn conviction, punishment). If you are consist on the account in narcological, psychoneurological, STI clinics, unfortunately, the way to the Kremlin regiment you ordered.
Note that the advantage for the direction of the Kremlin regiment are those who have completed secondary education who possesses good physical fitness, excellent health, a typical Slavic appearance, well-delivered speech. The presence of the body of scars, tattoos and piercings are almost always serves as the basis for denial. The origin of a complete happy family and the presence of his twin brother, welcome.
Inform the military about his desire to serve in the Kremlin regiment. After you pass the basic selection there, you have to sign the consent to the processing of your documents of FSB of the Russian Federation, interview with representatives of the Kremlin regiment and the FSB, to withstand the test. Wait for the decision on your candidacy.