First of all, it is important to have the category of fitness for military service not below A-3 and have the mental stability of group 2 or above.
Your chances to get on service in naval forces will increase significantly, if you at the time of the call will have a professional Maritime education (he graduated from the naval Academy).
You can also qualify for service in the Navy, if you own one of the civilian specialties useful in the Navy: welder, mechanic, radio technician, locksmith, etc.
To get on service in the marine corps you must have the fitness categories A-3 and above, to be not less than 170 cm, not to have a deficit of weight and to possess psychical resistance is not below 2 groups.
To serve on a ship a sailor can recruits fitness categories A. However, even if you have a category B-4, you may well get into the Navy, but only in the coastal troops.
If your growth not below 185 sm and you have a Slavic appearance, you can expect to serve in the honor guard. But on submarine recruits taller than 180 cm will serve is very difficult.
To get to the fleet, ask the military Commissioner during the passage of regular Commission in the military, to put you in command, formed for service in the Navy.
To get to serve in a specific part or the Union Navy, you should contact the human resources Department of enterprises or parts where you want to serve. If there is a for you a suitable vacancy, you will write the invitation, which will then need to pass a military Commissar in the military.
To get to the Navy for service in the specialty, contact the personnel Department of enterprises of the Navy, outlining its request in writing, and follow the instructions received.
At the time of medical examination for the Navy, contact the members of the Commission to prescribe military occupational specialty appropriate to your qualifications.