The Russian army completely can not go to the territorial principle of service, because the country is very big. In addition, the number of young men of military age are not distributed evenly. A place of passage also depends on the kind of troops.
In recent years, the military try without special need not to separate the recruits from their homeland. And the army itself is profitable. Don't have to spend money to send soldiers, for example, from Moscow to the far East.
Most likely, the place where it will serve as a fighter, will determine the military. However, it is important to remember that the opinion of the recruit about where he would like to serve, is of great importance. In addition to army officers and physicians, with the future defender of the Fatherland work and psychologists. Therefore, all the wishes concerning the place of service will surely hear and consider.
In addition, when selecting troops in the military will definitely take into account the physical training of the young fighter and, of course, the specialty, if any. After all, the physical strength of soldiers plays an important role in enhancing the combat capability of military units. This approach contributes to the humanisation of the army.
No need to be afraid that directly from the regional collection point the recruit will be sent to any "hot spot". Not a single officer will never send an untrained soldier in a real combat conditions. To do so is strictly prohibited. And anti-terrorist operations, usually performed by special army units, composed of contract soldiers (service contract).
Young men, as a rule, sent to serve all over Russia. But still most of the recruits are departing to serve in the Central military district. Thus, you can direct anywhere: under Khabarovsk, Arzamas or even Siberia. As anyone lucky.