Do your physical training. Remember, however, that the fighter airborne has to be not only strong but also resilient. That is why martial arts are perfect for this training. It might be nice if you'll visit the athletics section. The selection of candidates is taken into account and degree, and other achievements. So don't feel sorry for yourself and train hard to get the highest possible level. Your chances of getting into airborne will increase if you do parachuting.
Take care of your health. Don't get bad habits at a young age. You must have perfect health (fitness categories "A") in order to be in the airborne troops. That is why regular medical check-up and tempers.
Take psychological preparation. You should be serious enough motivation for service in VDV. So try to find a sober look at things and get rid of romantic illusions. Any service (and especially in these forces) is, above all, hard work and constant psychological pressure.
Doing physical training, don't ignore the school. You may need knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, foreign languages, social studies. And it must be real knowledge, not the minimum needed to pass the exam (especially if you decide to try to go to the Ryazan military school, which trains specialists for airborne).
If you have close relatives who have a criminal record, you will not be able to qualify for service in the ranks of the airborne. Don't try to hide it from employees of military registration and enlistment office or the admissions Committee of the school, as all information provided by applicants or recruits, are always carefully inspected.