Who is not subject to appeal?

Deemed unfit for service young people with obvious signs of disability, such as lack of limbs, blindness, mental retardation. It's severe disease which cannot be cured or corrected. In case of serious violations of the body, such as incontinence of stool and urine, young men in the service called, if it is found on the service, the immediate transfer to the reserve.

Young citizens infected with the viruses of hepatitis b and C, HIV, people suffering from active form of tuberculosis with the release of Koch's Bacillus, leprosy in the army will not go. Endocrine diseases, diabetes are also the basis for obtaining a military ID on hand. In the armed forces do not take with any form of these diseases, there are no conditions for the correction of metabolic processes.

The young people standing on the account at the psychiatrist with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, epilepsy, mental and delusional disorders, psychosis, mental retardation, deemed unfit for the service, and the cause of these pathologies is not important. Persons with chemical dependence, drug and alcohol, are not recruited into armed forces, mental signs and symptoms may be absent, but the diagnosis needs to be confirmed in the hospital. Registration in ND is a definite contraindication for service.

The diagnosis of "multiple sclerosis, paralysis and paresis, as well as diseases of the peripheral NS, when its functions are distorted, the GM injury and spinal cord are the cause of entry in the military card "does Not fit". Pathology of the eye, eyelid, or conjunctiva crystalline lens, marked squint, a strong degree of myopia or hyperopia is not allowed to call the young man in the service.

Not called to the service of young people with disorders of the heart, blood vessels, hypertensive disease of 2 or above degree. Also can not be called up citizens with severe violation of nasal breathing, stinking cold, some lung diseases, asthma.

Disease, after treatment where to call for service can

If tuberculosis and syphilis can be cured, the recruit is sent for treatment, after undergoing re-examination. If the pathogen was detected again, the young man recognized unfit for military service. Third and 4 degrees of obesity hinder the passage of urgent service. To call such citizens are not, they are referred for treatment. If the therapy is not effective, the recruits are debited to the reserve.

Are not subject to call patients with all tumors, regardless of their grade or purity. If the recruit is being treated, will only get a reprieve. When refusal of treatment do not call in the army. If you have vestibular disorders, regardless of the degree of their severity, recruit to the service does not fit, but this does not apply to motion sickness or to motion sickness.

A complete list of contraindications can be found in the district military enlistment office.