Advice 1: Where to send recruits

Departure for service in the army is controlled by special orders regulating the procedure of appeal. To determine in advance where you will be sent to the recruit, it is impossible – the place of his life is known only after a medical examination at regional transit points.
Where to send recruits
All military personnel are subject to call, go to places where they have the need, i.e. there is insufficient staffing of military personnel. However, there is always a 50% probability that the recruit will serve in his native region.
To know the place of service of the conscript, wait for messages from him. The soldier has to say about the place of his service, making a call distribution center where it will be sent to pass last fee. If the phones will be seized and to make the call does not succeed, a call should be expected only after transport of the recruit in training part – within 2-5 days, depending on the distance of the place of stay and the ability to make a call.
For additional information you can also call the recruiting office at the place of residence, where the recruit is registered. The Commissioner learns about the place of service almost immediately after the arrival of the soldier in a military unit. It should be noted that to obtain data on the location of the recruit you will be able only in case, if you have ties with him.
The draft Board sends a letter to parents of the recruit during the month. It gives you the exact location of a part, its serial number and branch of service in which the soldier serves. The speed of delivery of this message depends on the remoteness of the region service and the mail service.
Place of residence of the recruit depends on his physical health. Depending on the type of troops and manning the combat is the future disposition of the soldier. After the training part of the place of service may also change.
Useful advice
To know the place of departure of the recruit over the military unit. You can just use the Internet search to get the desired results. You can also use the search in special databases, where it says ' military units.

Advice 2 : Conscription: where to go to serve

The young people of a certain age, they get a summons to the military enlistment office and undergo special medical examination. If the guy is fit for military service, he becomes a conscript goes to the army.
Conscription: where to go to serve
Russia is a very large and populated extremely unequally, and hence the performance of duty according to the territorial principle in the Russian army it is impossible. Although in recent years it has become clear that the military did not send conscripts far from home without apparent reason and without necessity. Looking from an economic point of view, for the state, the territorial principle of service is much more beneficial than monetary compensation to the soldier for the relocation and maintenance of the road. And psychologists have long been proven that the soldiers themselves for service in their hometown or in the surrounding area is the most comfortable and relaxed.

Most often, the military listens to the wishes of the future soldier, but the outcome of the case does not. Some time ago recruits, regardless of residence, can send to serve there where recorded shortfall. Now the need has disappeared, so the wishes of the guys still have to be taken into account.

An important factor in the decision on the place of service is the conclusion of a special medical Commission in the territorial military registration and enlistment office. There are diseases that exclude the possibility of living in a hot or cold climate. So the working place is largely dependent on the health of the recruit.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that the main factors of the distribution of recruits are the territorial principle, the health of the young person, his personal qualities and many other tests. If you are worried about the fact that a conscript has already served half the term, will be sent to serve in the hotspot, this will not happen. In such places only send specially prepared and trained people. Most likely, the hot spots will be sent to young people who chose contract service.
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