The feast of the Holy Trinity, which is celebrated annually in the summer, is not only famous for he was Church-going believers Orthodox people. Know about this day and those who, for one reason or another, not often visit the Church. In Russian culture the Holy Trinity Day is marked with various traditions.

The feast of the Holy Trinity, Vidadi one of the twelve major hristianskih celebrations, not fixed at a certain number. In this regard, the Dating of the holiday can be different - it is a challenge. The Day Svaoi of the Trinity depends on the date of Easter.

Otherwise, Holy Trinity Day called Pentecost. The name itself indicates the time when the Church grandly glorifying God in three Persons. Holy Trinity day is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter. This annual holiday falls on a Sunday.

In 2016, the feast of the Holy Trinity falls on the 19th of June (since Easter was celebrated on may 1). At Pentecost the believer tries to start your day with a visit to the service. In the morning of the 19th June 2016 in Orthodox temples will take place a solemn vigil. After the departure of the Liturgy in the House of God served a festive evening where the priest reads the kneeling prayers. In the text of the prayers, God has sought the grace of the Holy spirit for each person. From Scripture it is known that on the Fiftieth day after the resurrection of Christ the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and the Theotokos.

The day of the Holy Trinity otherwise referred to as the birthday of Christ's Church.

It is worth noting that often the Day of the Holy Trinity is credited with the commemoration of the dead and the obligatory visit to the places of burial of others. In fact, on Sunday, dedicated to the celebrations of the Day of the Holy Trinity, to go to the cemetery is not necessary. On the feast of the departed are remembered and the service. Holy Trinity day - a celebration of the living. Prayer for the dead is suggested by the Charter on the eve of the celebrations in Trinity parent Saturday. It was the Saturday before Pentecost is a time when people can and should devote its day of remembrance of the dead.