There is a contract!

"Cure" modern Russian army badly disorganized and beaten at the end of the last century, and to bring the troops people, shooting machine guns, not by compulsion, but willingly and skillfully, can only introduced not so long ago contract service.

It is the contractors who are adults and have passed an urgent, are designed to return the country's armed forces former glory, attractiveness and prestige. First of all, it concerns the airborne and border forces, intelligence, marine corps and special forces. The service is considered to be a kind of introduction to the military elite, so there are not take all comers.
As stated by the head of defensive Department Sergey Shoigu, the army must be completed or completely from the contract or from designed for five years of conscripts.

However, when selecting troops, the recruit should be guided not only in the ostensible beauty. In the end, each kind or species has its obvious pros and cons in disguise. And if, say, you played basketball or volleyball and have a very high growth, how do not ask, no armored forces, no submarine you are not right. Solely due to growth.

The army's own doorstep

Faced with the choice of "Where to go to serve?", it's easier not to wait for the happy occasion in uniform, and to use the received skills at home. For example, you like the technique and have the appropriate rights. So, it can come in the same tank, in a car the army or the Navy. For someone who is thoroughly versed in radio and computers, surely there is a suitable vacancy in the signal corps. Young people who have successfully mastered the flying club and the parachute is engaged in martial arts, the place in the airborne. Learned well to conquer the climbing wall or even the rocks are happy in the mountain parts of the army. Decided after retirement to become a civil aviation pilot, to better serve, of course, in the air force.

By the way, sometimes the military are to meet the desire of recruits and leave them next to the house. This is done more often for family reasons, for example, in the case of illness of parents or of his own family with a child. But in this case, the young soldier must be ready to send not in those troops, which he expected to get. For example, if a guy who lives in Yekaterinburg, was preparing to become a marine or a sailor, it is just will not work. After all, the nearest land to the capital of the Urals amphibious training part is located in the Omsk region. And in Ekaterinburg it will remain unless the military chemist, or a railroad signalman.
Directorate of the General staff, is responsible for the organization of the call, asked the defense Minister to return to the ex-territorial system and to send recruits away from their region.

Remember the "Dynamo"

Speaking about the appeal and assessment of troops, it is necessary to separate the modern army from that until 1992 was called "Soviet". She feared now even the all-powerful NATO, and she never knew about the shortage of soldiers. There not called everyone, including patients and former criminals. On the contrary, to her carefully selected and well-prepared funding through the system of sports schools of the society "Dynamo" and DOSAAF clubs.

Yes, and amateurish response to the question "Where service is better?" many new recruits of the 70s and 80s gave themselves long before receiving the summons. So the troops of the 18-year-old Soviet boy, especially having grown up in the villages and have had time to pump up the muscles for physical work, were confident and prepared. A very serious incentive for wanting to serve were able to receive benefits for admission to a good University. For example, in one of the three legal institutions of the country, where ordinary average graduate of the Soviet school, the path was closed. Now these benefits are, unfortunately, almost disappeared.