Advice 1: In any army it is better to serve in the army

The validity of the future soldiers or sailors for military service conscript and determine the medical Commission of the military enlistment office. But not only them. Careful selection of recruits produced and came from parts of the "buyers". Often arguing that the best troops in the world are those where the service times as they are officers and warrant officers take the rookie, not always bearing in mind his desire and talents.
In any army it is better to serve in the army

There is a contract!

"Cure" modern Russian army badly disorganized and beaten at the end of the last century, and to bring the troops people, shooting machine guns, not by compulsion, but willingly and skillfully, can only introduced not so long ago contract service.

It is the contractors who are adults and have passed an urgent, are designed to return the country's armed forces former glory, attractiveness and prestige. First of all, it concerns the airborne and border forces, intelligence, marine corps and special forces. The service is considered to be a kind of introduction to the military elite, so there are not take all comers.
As stated by the head of defensive Department Sergey Shoigu, the army must be completed or completely from the contract or from designed for five years of conscripts.

However, when selecting troops, the recruit should be guided not only in the ostensible beauty. In the end, each kind or species has its obvious pros and cons in disguise. And if, say, you played basketball or volleyball and have a very high growth, how do not ask, no armored forces, no submarine you are not right. Solely due to growth.

The army's own doorstep

Faced with the choice of "Where to go to serve?", it's easier not to wait for the happy occasion in uniform, and to use the received skills at home. For example, you like the technique and have the appropriate rights. So, it can come in the same tank, in a car the army or the Navy. For someone who is thoroughly versed in radio and computers, surely there is a suitable vacancy in the signal corps. Young people who have successfully mastered the flying club and the parachute is engaged in martial arts, the place in the airborne. Learned well to conquer the climbing wall or even the rocks are happy in the mountain parts of the army. Decided after retirement to become a civil aviation pilot, to better serve, of course, in the air force.

By the way, sometimes the military are to meet the desire of recruits and leave them next to the house. This is done more often for family reasons, for example, in the case of illness of parents or of his own family with a child. But in this case, the young soldier must be ready to send not in those troops, which he expected to get. For example, if a guy who lives in Yekaterinburg, was preparing to become a marine or a sailor, it is just will not work. After all, the nearest land to the capital of the Urals amphibious training part is located in the Omsk region. And in Ekaterinburg it will remain unless the military chemist, or a railroad signalman.
Directorate of the General staff, is responsible for the organization of the call, asked the defense Minister to return to the ex-territorial system and to send recruits away from their region.

Remember the "Dynamo"

Speaking about the appeal and assessment of troops, it is necessary to separate the modern army from that until 1992 was called "Soviet". She feared now even the all-powerful NATO, and she never knew about the shortage of soldiers. There not called everyone, including patients and former criminals. On the contrary, to her carefully selected and well-prepared funding through the system of sports schools of the society "Dynamo" and DOSAAF clubs.

Yes, and amateurish response to the question "Where service is better?" many new recruits of the 70s and 80s gave themselves long before receiving the summons. So the troops of the 18-year-old Soviet boy, especially having grown up in the villages and have had time to pump up the muscles for physical work, were confident and prepared. A very serious incentive for wanting to serve were able to receive benefits for admission to a good University. For example, in one of the three legal institutions of the country, where ordinary average graduate of the Soviet school, the path was closed. Now these benefits are, unfortunately, almost disappeared.

Advice 2: How to serve in the army

In our days, the army is no longer the hell that it is terrible to get. Hazing is gradually giving way, though harsh, but civilized relations. At the same time, the situation in our armed forces is far from ideal. Therefore, in order to make it easier for "trampling boots", you must know some rules, how to serve and how to prepare for service in the army.
How to serve in the army
First and foremost, remember – preparing for the army should begin long before the call. It will be easier to transfer exercise, if you to them will already be prepared. Physical education classes will not give the desired load, do some sports.
Also train yourself to be independent. Perform at least basic things: wash their clothes, sew buttons themselves, pegmatite and wash the floors in the apartment, watch your appearance. All you have to do in the army, and it will be easier if you will serve as already an independent person.
Next, decide on the choice of profession. In the army soldiers are appreciated, having professional education. Especially sought after professionals in the following specialties: mechanic, driver, electrician, computer programmer, electronics technician, chef.
Now some advice relating directly to the service. Try to find a friend, as one in the army very hard. Friends are easier to confront the difficulties of army life, and grandparents more clinging to "single".
Once I get to the part, write the letter at home: where are you, what is your address, as you are settled. So, your family will be able to contact you, a letter from the mother city is a great moral support to the beginner.
And most importantly, grasps everything on the fly! For this, in any case, don't get drunk in the road. If on the first day stand out as "brake", so will all the service in the "brakes" to go.
Now about bullying. She was, is and will be an army custom. But learn to distinguish bullying from lawlessness. For example, to make the bed seniors is bullying, and to darn his socks – it's chaos.
And remember, you have to get home alive and healthy. Be wise.

Advice 3: Where to go to serve under contract

Today, the service contract gives the younger generation a guaranteed stability in modern life. Indeed, in addition to a good income, military service is a variety of benefits and privileges such as free medical care, free public transportation and the possibility of obtaining housing.
Where to go to serve under contract
For a start, the young man who decided to connect his life with the army, you need to decide where to serve?
Now a huge number of options offered to potential contractors. As to the place of military service, to serve in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Murmansk, and Leningrad regions. These are the most popular options. That is, when he came to the military enlistment office, the potential contractor chooses the place for the service. If we talk about the kind of troops, there is also the choice to do a future soldier, but the final decision on this issue remains with the military, which is imposed on the basis of personal records and the medical Board. If the person wishing to serve under contract, has poor health, a criminal record or has a poor characteristic from the previous place of work, he was denied the ability to start the service. Don't refuse military service, even the girls, because the army always need professionals such as Telegraph operators and nurses.
In addition to these places of military service, some young people prefer to choose Siberia. Quite popular is the contract service in Seversk. Young people serving there, have a stable income, compensation for accommodation and many other benefits.
In addition to the territorial issue, the young people are going to serve under contract, have to choose the kind of troops. This decision is made depending on personal qualities, preferences and health status.
The first contract is for a period of three years. Then the soldier can choose the term and the conditions for further service. Wage contract significantly larger than the medium size on the territory of our country. Thus, a contract service is not only interesting, but also profitable enough and everyone decides for himself, to work on civil duties or to choose the path of service on the contract with all its pluses and minuses. In recent years the salaries of contract servicemen has increased by half, and this is not the limit. After all, the great country needs a motivated army. And the government is making every possible effort to ensure that the soldier's life was worth.

Advice 4: Where will take to serve

Recruits are often interested in where they'll take on service in the army. The location part can depend on the conditions of service, communication with relatives and other important aspects. Information before arriving to the location of the military unit.
Where will take to serve
Please read carefully all documentation that serves to fill in the military Commissariat. Often, it includes the questionnaire that has the question about where would like to be a recruit. In this case, you can decide where to go for service. Also some companies in advance to inform recruits about their future place of service. Please note that the final decision could be still others.
Interrogate acquaintances, have performed service in the army from the Commissariat at your residence. Typically, recruits are sent to the same military unit. I take this opportunity to find out about the terms of service and ask which seats will suit you best.
Check out the list of the country's military units. Pay attention to those that are associated with native troops, which you have identified, for example, airborne, infantry, Navy, etc. No less important feature is the availability at the moment of "hot spots" where the fighting is. If available, you may send them in the next part.
Write in advance a statement in a military Commissariat on their own behalf or behalf of the parents and immediate family. Ask the command to send you to a specific military unit. This should be a good reason, for example, the state of health of a candidate should serve in areas with a certain climate and other conditions. The application must attach the medical report.
Often the place of service for a conscript is not disclosed until the last moment. Recruits learn about it is directly in the way to the destination. However, if you know the person who will accompany you to the place beforehand to ask him about the place of future service. Also talk to those who take one day with you, they can know the information through their sources.

Advice 5: Where can pick up to serve

The military draft is an exciting time for young people who are interested in where they take to serve. With this question, you can contact the recruitment office where you are registered.
Where can pick up to serve
The place of service is usually selected based on various factors – the wishes of the recruit and his parents, the health of the conscript and his close relatives, availability in the member composition of a particular military unit, as well as between current combat operations and hot spots in the country and abroad.
Not stesnyaytes to inform the draft Board about his desire to serve in the particular military unit. Of course, depending on the circumstances, such wishes are not always taken into account, but often ignored. In some institutions the time of setting young men of military age on the account, they handed out a questionnaire in which they are encouraged to choose the desired branch of service and place of service. Carefully fill the form and specify suitable parameters.
Talk to a medical Commission at the recruiting office or your health care providers in General hospital and find out under what conditions you can serve given your state of health. For example, some recruits doctors prescribe the service in the South and close to the place of residence parts due to the presence of certain health problems. In this case the recruit is issued the corresponding certificate, which he must pass in the military. Also, most likely, will not take to serve far if your parents and other close relatives have serious health problems and need support.
Find out about your future place of service from other recruits, which likely will go to defend the homeland at the same time with you. Also refer to the commanders of the military enlistment office, or to the commander, who will accompany you to the place of service. They usually only provide information about relevant military unit a few days before serving conscripts to serve.

Advice 6: What can give.

Paratroopers – the elite corps in the Russian army. Units of soldiers-paratroopers are designed to perform important tasks during combat operations in the enemy rear. The service in the "winged guard" has always attracted recruits, although it is difficult. Those who had served in the Navy, can cope with any task and in civilian life.
What can give.

Airborne – elite army

Assault units have high mobility, and therefore belong to the troops of fast reaction. In a real war, the Marines will have to perform tasks in scope of enemy troops after landing from the air. They have to fight and carry out sabotage operations in offline mode, in isolation from the main units of the army.
From the Marines require a high combat training, consistency and the ability to act quickly in extreme situations, relying solely on their strength.

Future recruits do not always have the opportunity to choose the place of service and branch of service. And yet even in modern conditions, when the prestige of military service are significantly lower than in Soviet times, young people are eager to get the service in VDV. Interest in these elite troops associated with a positive image of the paratrooper, established in domestic mass culture and the public consciousness.

The desire to join the glorious military traditions of the airborne forces is understandable. Everyone who has passed severe school of the airborne troops, knows that to wear the uniform of a paratrooper honorable and responsible. Service in the troop units are not only romantic, but also hard work. But the difficulties make us stronger, build character and make former pupils of these men, ready, if necessary, to stand up not only for themselves but also for others.

What gives.

Airborne troops – smithy leaders and a school of courage. In a military collective, the young man becomes a real man. Here is formed and hardened character. Tough schedule and high physical requirements able to break the will of weak only human. Those who aspire to success in the service, are not afraid of difficulties.

Service in the airborne teaches not only to order and discipline. In combat is of great importance to reciprocity and mutual aid. Therefore, landing the team at all times differed coherence and high cohesion. A sense of community, imparted at the time of service, helps and in civil life.
A former paratrooper – a reliable and loyal friend, always ready to help in a difficult situation.

Assault troops give excellent physical training. In the service process, special attention is paid to sport, agility, strength and endurance. In the training of the paratroopers includes skydiving, playing hand to hand combat and other martial arts. Paratrooper learns to master not only firearms, but also melee weapons. And, in extreme situations he can cope with the enemy and with the help of improvised means.

Advice 7: The pros and cons of military service

The army has always been considered a school of life for men. Service in the armed forces was associated with vitality, courage and bravery. Currently, the degree of respect of the society towards the army decreased slightly due to the negative processes taking place within the walls of military barracks.
The Defenders Of The Fatherland
Young men, subject to call, and their parents anxiously waiting for the summons from the recruiting office, - what kind of life awaits the rookie away from home? As in any business, in military service has its pros and cons.

The advantages of army routine

The army is primarily a discipline, when the whole day is painted on minutes. Today's youth are in the majority does not adhere to the order of the day. Not all young people in the civilian sector can boast that every day go to bed at the same time. Food in military canteens even without culinary delights, but healthy and nutritious. Sport is one of the main components of the military service. Performing forced marches, engaging in sports equipment and simulators, the fighters become stronger physically.

And that is important - a young person for a year of service Matures psychologically. A young man learns to think, analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions. Military service is a good test for the warrior, his friends and his girlfriend on the test of true friendship and strength of feelings. Besides, in the army you can get true friends: about the reliability of military brotherhood even composed songs. During the service people, if you want, becomes good habits, become more sociable and able to understand people.
Psychologists say that any situation is perceived depending on the inner attitude. If a young man joins the army with confidence that the year of service just removed from life, waiting for him in the army some disappointment.

Cons of military service

Own opinion of a fighter nobody cares. Skill to carry out the orders of commanders unconditionally and without discussing, given many young people is not easy. Causing an outcry from the new recruits the principle of collectivism, when all responsible for the wrongdoing of one.
Unnecessary work – business as usual for the army. Commanders to take soldiers sometimes come up for them meaningless tasks. Sometimes officers use soldiers as free labor to private farms.

Most recruits and their parents afraid of the hazing in the army. Unfortunately, hazing in the Russian army are present. Although at present, the bullying became less threatening. This is due to reduced service life and control of the various public organizations.

The youth of premilitary age, remember that to prepare themselves for service in the army have psychologically no less than physically. Then cons in military life will be much less than the pros.
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