1. Fitness to serve in the Navy for health reasons, should not be below A1,

2. The results of professional psychological selection below the second level

3. Education minimum high school,

4. Compliance with the requirements for physical training for servicemen of the airborne forces (in accordance with the age group)

5. Preparation for parachute jumps.

On military service under the contract in airborne are not accepted:

1. Citizens serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty,

2. Candidates who have outstanding or not removed criminal record,

3. If close relatives of the citizen has a criminal record,

4. Citizens under investigation or convicted.

To get airborne you can come as the military and enrolling in the Ryazan Institute for airborne troops. The Institute is the training of commanding officers with higher military special education.

Candidates in the students can speak only Russian citizens males who have secondary vocational or full secondary education, from among:

1. Citizens who were or still are military service, and military personnel under the age of 24 years;

2. Applicants who have not passed military service at the age from 16 till 22 years;

3. Citizens serving on contract under 24 years, and served half the term of military service, according to the first contract.

From citizens wishing to enter the school(not past and past military service) that is required for applying for residence in the district military Commissariat to 20 April in the year of receipt. The statement is required to make a number of documents: characteristic from a place of study or work, birth certificate, copy of graduation certificate or diploma, three photos, and definitely the proof of your preferential right to enroll in school.

In the qualifying round is determined using testing and psychophysiological examination, socio-psychological condition of the applicant; education; training level. Applicants who are selected are enrolled in the study, on a competitive basis.

Contestants airborne school, which signed a contract, the set-off is in place and a half month, one calendar month of service during the program execution jumps that is 6 jumps per year.