Advice 1: What documents must be submitted to the University

For admission to the University is required to provide the necessary documents. Different schools might slightly vary, so it is better to ask the admissions Committee what paper you will need. If this option is available, use logic and prepare all the documents that could theoretically be useful.
What documents must be submitted to the University
You will need
  • Passport, a certificate of completion previous academic institution, the certificate on passing the exam, a medical certificate.
Firstly, bring your passport and several photocopies just in case. In case of loss of identity document, allowed the provision of a certificate of loss of passport.
You will also need a certificate of completion previous academic institution: high school, College with liner on the received estimates and the certificate on passing the exam. If you apply at several universities at the same time, it allowed the submission of copies certified by a notary or in the admissions office. Just remember that the original will still have to pay just before starting school.
In many higher educational institutions are requested to bring 4-6 photos of the passport format. Color they should be or black and white, better find out in advance from the admissions office or on the University website.
Please bring letters of gratitude, certificates of won competitions, certificates of completion of additional preparatory courses, the positive characteristics from the place of study, a written commendation for participation in school quizzes, performances, KVN, and sports competitions. Useful all that shows your best side.
Medical certificate on form 086-y. It required almost all applicants for full-time office. Be prepared for the fact that to obtain it will have to pass a number of specialists, so it is desirable to prepare in advance. Some institutions, especially medical and military, require further help from the venereal, tuberculosis and psychiatric clinic.
Prepare also your identification code from the tax office. If you possess any of the benefits provided by the law, present the documents, confirming these benefits. If you have a target direction of a company or enterprise, provide the corresponding contract.

Advice 2: How to apply to University

The first step in training – secondary school – passed. And if you decide to continue your path to knowledge and become a specialist with higher education – feel free to submit documents to the University.
How to apply to University

Call the admissions office of your chosen University or visit the school and to clarify the list of documents necessary for admission to this University. Requirements of different academic institutions may differ. If you navigate to the information obtained from the site, please note that this information was relevant. If the documents were published last year, he could change.

Approximate list of documents that you will need for admission, would be: passport and photocopy of the passport pages with photo and information about your place of residence, the document on secondary education, proof of passing the exam, photographs, certificate, or military ID for military service, and medical help for those who entered the daytime Department. To obtain this help you in your clinic. Don't leave it to the last day to bypass all doctors, it will take a lot of time.

Specify whether the University accepts photocopies of documents. Also, if you are a winner of any contests or competitions, certificates and other evidence of your victories or their copies should be attached to other securities.

Find out the time of submission of documents to the chosen institution and go to the admissions office. Not worth it to do on the last day, otherwise you risk to spend a few hours in the queue. The Commission representative will issue you a statement addressed to the rector, which will need to fill an established pattern. Then you give the application along with documents to the admissions officer. Your papers are filed and you are given a receipt, which officially makes you an entrant of the University and also allows in that case to pick up the documents.

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