You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - certificate of unified state examination;
  • - the passport.
While training in the 11th grade participate in the Olympics. On the majority of specialities for admission to SFU winners of several competitions scored 100 points in a profile subject. Even if you pass the exam the lower score winning the competition will increase your chances for admission. Such competitions include the Olympics, students from the regional stage, as well as Olympiad of St.-Petersburg University. Prize-winners of all-Russian Olympiad are eligible for admission without examination.
Give the exam maximum possible score for you. In addition to the mandatory exams in Russian language and literature, select the exams that are required for admission for your chosen specialty
Submit the documents to the admissions office. She starts reception of documents at the end of June, and leads him to the middle of July. You have the right to provide originals and copies of documents, if you also apply for admission to another University.
If you go on creative specialty, pass an additional entrance exam conducted by the University. For example, entering the specialty "journalism" need to participate in the contest.
Wait for the announcement of the results of the "first wave" of enrollment. If you are enlisted, communicated as necessary to the admission Commission the originals of documents - the passport and the certificate on passing the exam.
If you are not enrolled in the "first wave", but is your chosen specialty is left, wait for the announcement of the results of the "second wave" of enrollment. Some students enrolled in the "first wave", take the documents and go to other universities, so you still have a chance for admission.