"Everything is possible. In order to do the impossible will take a little more time" - says the famous proverb.Of course, the most obvious option, income is on budget - it's brilliantly put exam. But in order to get maximum points, you need to try very hard.Now, when all the universities opened preparatory courses which are high school teachers. If it is good for them to do, you can have a great to brush up on subjects, which need to pass. After courses all the attention paid to the topics included in the exam.In addition, if the preparatory courses will be diligent and persistent, to study at the University will be easier because the trainers treat the trainees already as students.
Some universities accept students on a budgeting Department not only exam results but also the results of other tests. For example, in theatrical, musical or art school you will not be able to do, having only the unified state exam.Training in the creative competition will take too much time and effort, but getting the coveted student ticket and training on the budget ofe more than compensates for the elapsed time and effort.
To do on a budget is possible and in that case you:- the winner or winners of the final stage of all-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren;
- member of the international Olympiads;
champion or Olympic medalist;
- enter the privileged categories of citizens.The full list can be found on the website of the University you are interested in, since many of the state universities carried out during the school year, contests, competitions and other tests, the results of which can enroll in the budgeting Department.