Despite the fact that the introductory campaign in all the schools is in summer from July to August, you should check with your chosen University the exact deadline.
To apply to the University in person (bring them to the admissions office). If your chosen Institute is located in the other region, the package of documents sent by mail or filled statement via the Internet. But be sure to ask the universities where you're going to do, whether they practice all these methods of reception of documents from applicants or not.
Make photocopies of your passport, the certificate on passing exam and certificate. Don't forget to assure them at the notary. Usually universities are established by the Ministry of education standard documents. It includes passport (in case of loss taken at the passport office help), and it is also possible to provide an identity document – passport; high school diploma; a certificate of the Unified state exam; - photo 3x4 4 to 6 pieces (quantity to be specified in the University); medical certificate of 086-u form (it is required for admission to full-time Department). Be sure to attach copies of certificates, commendations, certificates of completion of courses, and any other documents that characterize you best.
Some universities don't require to attach a copy of the certificate on passing the exam. It is enough to specify in the application the place and year of exam and number of points. In this case, the members of the selection Committee themselves clarify the authenticity of applicant information.
If you are filing in person, the University will ensure all the necessary copies and certificates, will compare them with the originals members of the selection Committee will also help correctly and competently to make a statement. If you are sending documents by mail, check and double-check yourself if all is a portfolio for admission to the University you have collected. Send the documents by registered mail.
Graduates of schools have the right to submit documents in five high schools, each of which is to select three areas of training. That is, at the same time to qualify for the fifteen funded places.
Everyone coming to decide how to make use of the opportunity. Thanks to unified state examination, the applicant may submit a statement specifying recruited for the unified state exam points to several departments and specialties or faculty, but different forms of education (internal, correspondence, remote).
Reception of documents begins, as a rule, on June 20 and ends July 25. This applies to universities that are accepting students strictly on the exam. In creative universities, where we provide additional exam and interview, submission of documents completed much earlier – July 5. July 27 institutes and universities post a list of all eligible for enrollment, and from July 30 to August 5, is formed the list of successful applicants to the budget places. If you were among the taken, until August 9, inclusive, must provide to the admission Commission the originals of all documents.