You will need
  • - handle;
  • - passport;
  • - passport;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - the results of the exam;
  • - photographs;
  • - the diploma of the winner of the Olympics;
  • - certificate confirming benefits;
You can simultaneously apply for admission no more than 5 educational institutions. In some universities you may apply simultaneously to three specialties or faculty, but this rule is not everywhere.
For admission you need to submit within a certain timeframe, set by the selection Committee. To postpone the submission of documents for the last moment is not necessary, as there is a danger that some documents do not meet the requirements of the University, and on the drawbacks you will not have time. The disadvantage of filing in the beginning is that at this point it is still unknown how many people applied and what is the preliminary competition for certain specialties.
Filling the application for admission, be careful. Follow all demands of the drafters of the form. After all, it's a shame to spend extra time rewriting statements due to stupid mistakes. In the application you will need to specify the following mandatory information:surname, name and patronymic, date and place of birth, requisites of the document proving the identity, place of residence, information about previous education, a specialty for which you are applying, exam results, diplomas of the winner of the school competitions, the particular rights on the receipt and need to provide dormitories.
Also you will need to provide the admissions Committee the document on secondary education. Make sure that the document had all the necessary printing and evaluation, and the number of the insert matches the number of the main document. Check the spelling of the last name. If the date of issuance of the document you changed the name, have a document confirming this.If you apply to multiple schools at the same time, you will need to make photocopies of your passport. A photocopy can be certified by a notary or in the waiting room of the Commission, if given the opportunity. In some universities it is impossible to submit a photocopy of the certificate is required in original only.If you arrive in a magistracy, you will need to provide a diploma of bachelor or specialist.
Also you need to have a passport and photos. The photo settings are set by the admission Commission.
For admission to most universities requires a medical certificate for 086 Forte. This certificate you can get in the clinic by place of residence, passing the necessary doctors. Accordingly, it is possible to provide a photocopy of certificates, but it also does not suit all admissions, in some situations, for example, require a commitment to undergo a medical examination in the University after receipt.
In addition, you will need the results of the exam or photocopies.
If you have any privileges for admission to the University, such as medical testimony or the diploma of the winner of the profile of the Olympics, be sure to bring the documents attesting to this. If your achievements are not considered for preferential admission, still bring all the necessary documents. Their presence can positively influence the appeals Commission in the case of semi-lowest passing score.