To obtain the target direction it is necessary to contact your district or city, or intercede for you may be the Director of the school and graduated a graduate. Targeted training can be carried out by the company or organization. In this case, after graduation need to work in this structure for at least three years.
To get the target area in the University, you must take care in advance. Even in the winter you need to write a letter to the municipality about the desire to study in the direction. The application should make the request of the institution, which finishes the child, or organization that provides funds for training.
The target area is available, usually only on one specialty of a particular University. Together with the application for admission to the school must submit a trust agreement, concluded between the customer, i.e. company, which will then work by the contractor, i.e. the University, which will host the training, and you. In the admissions office of the universities indicate target areas for each specialty.
The competition between tseleviki passes for these places, despite the overall number of applications. The number of seats can be adjusted depending on the number of entrants. The universities themselves establish the minimum necessary for competition in some schools it may be 1.5 per place, other – 2. Therefore, if the number of applicants is small, then the target location can reduce. The only thing the universities do not have the right to do so is to increase their number.