List of documents for admission

First and foremost, the applicant must present a document proving his identity and citizenship, then you need to provide the original document about education (of state pattern), certificate of secondary complete or General education, the diploma about primary, secondary or higher education. You should also attach to the list of six photos of 3x4 cm format, certificate exam results which was held in the year of admission and the documents confirming entering of preferential training.
If the applicant has previously changed name, middle name or last name, he must provide an appropriate document that officially confirms the change of name

Also, the applicant is obliged to present following the date of enrollment for full-time study (no later than ten days) health certificate 086У, a certificate of military service or a military ID, as well as documents in the interests of the applicants.

Secrets of submission documents

In the process of receipt you do not have any problems, try to have on hand all the necessary documents (originals and copies exam, medical certificate, passport and its copy, matte and glossy photo). Sort them in folders, facilitating the work of myself and the secretaries of the admissions office.
Just in case make a supply of copies and photographs, as admissions filed documents can accidentally lose.

Some universities today have their own websites where you can download the application form for admission and fill it accordingly to the sample (usually provided on the University's website). This will save you tons of time, and you can go with the already filled application form forward the rest of the applicants.

Not to stand in mile-long queues of applicants, wait a couple of weeks – turns noticeably thin out and you will submit the documents quickly and quietly. You can also send your documents by mail, without fear that they will lose or will deliver the admission office in time. After announcement of results it is desirable to make for themselves a rating of professions which will allow you to quickly react to the results of receipt and to accurately determine the final choice of the University and the profession.

Solution for submitting documents to a particular institution should be taken carefully and judiciously to later do not regret about the made choice. Remember that after the filing of the original into the first University, you may be invited to a more suitable University.