Advice 1: How to enter the Moscow State University

Moscow state University remains one of the most prestigious universities in Russia. there is a perception that there is incredibly difficult to do, but if you have the appropriate knowledge and desire this problem to solve even the students from a very distant province.
How to enter the Moscow State University
You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - photographs;
  • - documents confirming the benefits;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of unified state exam.
Start to prepare for admission to MSU in advance. If you are studying in ninth or tenth grade, you may enroll in Special educational scientific center (SESC) of Lomonosov Moscow state University. There you will be given in-depth knowledge in the exact and natural Sciences. Admission to the SESC conducted at the examination results, details of which can be found on the website of the training center at
If you're already in the eleventh grade or even graduated from high school, you will be able to enroll in preparatory courses at the Universitye. They exist in daily and evening form. The recording condition and the value placed on the corresponding website:
For students who do not live in Moscow, there is the opportunity to participate in distance courses and competitions. This gives you the opportunity of receiving feedback from professors of the leading universities in the country. To enroll in these classes you will be able online distance learning at
Turn in the exam. The list of required examinations and minimum scores you can find on the MSU website, in the section on interested faculty.
Take part in relevant competitions. Each year, the MSU generates a list of Olympiads for schoolchildren, with the victory in which the applicant gets the advantage in the admission process. This information is posted on the MSU website, in the section on admission to the University.
Collect the documents and come to the admissions office of the chosen faculty. Unlike most universities, MSU has received the right to conduct additional exam in one of the subjects. You will need to pass it with the highest score. Exams typically occur in mid-July.
Wait for publication in August of a list of candidates selected for admission. If you were there, then you are accepted to study in University.

Advice 2 : Whether the results of the exam for admission to MSU

Observing certain conditions for admission to the Institute, you can not pass the exam. There are universities that accept applicants on this basis. But to pass the entrance exams still have.
Preparation for entrance exams to College
The dream of graduate school, tired of the endless test preparation and their delivery to continue their education in this Institute, admission to which is not required of the exam and exam tests. The desire is understandable, but to implement it in practice is quite difficult. However, there are some choices using which you can become a student at a prestigious University without the mess. But without exams not to enroll in any higher education institution.

What institutions will take the applicant exam without

in evening and correspondence form of education in all institutions of higher education passing this exam is not required if graduate graduated from high school before January 1, 2009;
- at receipt in Institute after graduating from College, can not pass the exam only if they intend to continue their studies in the same specialty. In this case, it is sufficient to pass exams in core subjects of the chosen faculty;
- those who already have one higher education are not required to provide the results of the exam;
- a similar exemption for students transferring from other universities;
- those who have received full secondary education in a foreign country, the opportunity to go to College without taking the exam;

Without the exam you can do in Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy Institute of Communications, located in the same city. However, passing the examination test is still necessary.

Distance learning – a way out for those students who do not wish to take the exam and exams

Correspondence or distance learning have much in common. But in the latter case does not require personal presence of the student at sessions and exams . The whole process of learning takes place remotely, via receipt of the lectures (in print and video format), educational materials, audit and other attestation work.

After graduation the graduates are given a diploma of higher education of the state sample. In recent years it is recognized by all employers and is not an obstacle to building a career. Distance learning is beneficial and the fact that the speed of the learning process depends on the ability of a student to fully assimilate the knowledge and to pass exams in all subjects. If a student is gifted, he can finish College and 2 years.

Maybe soon Russia will be a compulsory unified state exam when applying to universities, as all European countries have abandoned this form of certification of graduates of schools, recognizing her correctly and reducing the level of education of the population.
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