You will need
  • - Computer and Internet access;
  • portfolio;
  • - results of examinations;
  • phone.
Write for yourself those areas of interest in which you would like to develop as a person. It would be appropriate to develop a specialty in the chosen direction. It is important to enjoy studying, otherwise it makes no sense to set the bar high. At the universities of St. Petersburg has great opportunities for all students.
Think in advance about admission to institutions of St. Petersburg. Browse through the list of universities on the Internet that would teach your chosen specialty or field. Make full data set of educational institutions. Find out for 1 or even 2 years prior to the filing of documents that need to be present on the application in these institutions. Contact the admissions Board and write down what you need to have at the end of the school or College. This is a very important consideration for admission. The sooner you learn, the more you will have a chance.
Be prepared to pass the state exams. Almost all universities of St. Petersburg (except military) accept applicants on the exam. Keep in mind that the competition for places in institutions will be very hard and it is the presence of scores of 90 and above in the core disciplines – one of the keys to success in admission. Of course, there will be those students who pass and 100 points. Keep this in mind and always have a reserve of any awards, medals and achievements. The rectors of these universities is important to have very talented students in all areas, so it is in your best interest to constantly work hard and Excel in anything. Grow in all directions in advance and you will have a much better chance!
Enroll for preparatory courses for admission. In addition to the exam, go through a training program in St. Petersburg universities. Now more and more institutions of the Northern capital offers such services. What is their advantage? After studying for them from 2 weeks to 2 years, you will have an idea about studying in the University, it will be easier to pass the exam and also receive a special certificate of completion these courses. This is a lot will increase your chances of admission! Find out about preparatory courses on the websites of institutions of St. Petersburg.
Collect all the documents and potrfolio in one folder. After you passed the final and state examinations, he studied at the preparatory courses and got a certificate of secondary or secondary special education, send all of your documents in different universities of St. Petersburg. Now it is available to do online, although it would be much better if you will make a lot of copies and give them to the admissions Committee personally. Stay in St. Petersburg for a month and engage as many universities for its achievements. Then you will definitely do one of them.