Despite the fact that the exams in the summer - the immutable rule of most universities to become a student of real and in other time of the year. For example, in September some agencies announce additional admission to the courses.

You can go to University in the fall, for example, if a freshman has not started classes for 30 days from their start, and then did not provide confirmation of valid reasons. Once the decision is made for expulsion, the direction of the rector. A vacancy is enrolled, who have not passed the competition for this specialty at this University in the summer. You'll get a call from the admissions Committee and ask him to come and bring the necessary documents. After checking if everything complies with the rules, you will be enrolled without entrance exams.

Try to apply for a free place immediately after the expulsion of the applicant, who was admitted to the course on a commercial basis, but within minimum 15 days after signing the contract for study, has not paid the agreed amount. In this case you should visit in late September, the Dean's office and see if there is similar situations. Well, if you figure out a payment schedule for the training in advance to prepare the necessary documents if you will be able to do.

Wait in the Dean's office will examine the list of individuals who have submitted previous applications for enrollment. The University staff will analyze why you are unable to do, remember, what is remembered in the entrance exams, but for one reason or another, were screened and more, and then will contact you and ask to come. If you are already studying at another school, then write a statement of refusal. The Commission will begin again to study the list of entrants is not received until a match is found who wishes to take the vacant place.

You have the chance to go to College in the fall and in cases where nonresident students enrolling in the summer are unable to look for accommodation. If you are unsuccessfully passed examinations in the summer, but the information you kept, you can call from the rector's office and ask if you wish to study in this school. If Yes, please explain how it can be done.

Inquire at the Dean's office about students who came to the admissions office and took away documents. The reasons may be different: sudden departure, the satisfaction of their own ambitions; a lack of Finance, etc. and you have all the chances to get a student ticket instead of them.

If you got a call from the administration, take the required set of documents and go for an interview. You will need: a certificate of completion of secondary educational institution with a transcript with grades, a copy of the passport (first page and page with a mark about registration), copy of birth certificate, medical certificate, photos of the established sample (in each University and their requirements on the number and size of images).

If you've got a good reason you are unable to do in the summer, go to the chosen school and ask on what terms they are accepting late applicants. Very often, the chance to find a student card provided by commercial Institutions. Go forward and others, depending on the circumstances. If you gave a positive answer, collect necessary documents, and repeat items, which will be used during the interview.

Universities are reluctant to open the door to new entrants, it is only necessary to know in advance the policy of each institution, and then to try their hand.