Advice 1: How to go to University in the fall

Entrance examinations are held in summer. This rule is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation in all Universities. But there are exceptions through which to go to school and can fall.
How to go to University in the fall

Despite the fact that the exams in the summer - the immutable rule of most universities to become a student of real and in other time of the year. For example, in September some agencies announce additional admission to the courses.

You can go to University in the fall, for example, if a freshman has not started classes for 30 days from their start, and then did not provide confirmation of valid reasons. Once the decision is made for expulsion, the direction of the rector. A vacancy is enrolled, who have not passed the competition for this specialty at this University in the summer. You'll get a call from the admissions Committee and ask him to come and bring the necessary documents. After checking if everything complies with the rules, you will be enrolled without entrance exams.

Try to apply for a free place immediately after the expulsion of the applicant, who was admitted to the course on a commercial basis, but within minimum 15 days after signing the contract for study, has not paid the agreed amount. In this case you should visit in late September, the Dean's office and see if there is similar situations. Well, if you figure out a payment schedule for the training in advance to prepare the necessary documents if you will be able to do.

Wait in the Dean's office will examine the list of individuals who have submitted previous applications for enrollment. The University staff will analyze why you are unable to do, remember, what is remembered in the entrance exams, but for one reason or another, were screened and more, and then will contact you and ask to come. If you are already studying at another school, then write a statement of refusal. The Commission will begin again to study the list of entrants is not received until a match is found who wishes to take the vacant place.

You have the chance to go to College in the fall and in cases where nonresident students enrolling in the summer are unable to look for accommodation. If you are unsuccessfully passed examinations in the summer, but the information you kept, you can call from the rector's office and ask if you wish to study in this school. If Yes, please explain how it can be done.

Inquire at the Dean's office about students who came to the admissions office and took away documents. The reasons may be different: sudden departure, the satisfaction of their own ambitions; a lack of Finance, etc. and you have all the chances to get a student ticket instead of them.

If you got a call from the administration, take the required set of documents and go for an interview. You will need: a certificate of completion of secondary educational institution with a transcript with grades, a copy of the passport (first page and page with a mark about registration), copy of birth certificate, medical certificate, photos of the established sample (in each University and their requirements on the number and size of images).

If you've got a good reason you are unable to do in the summer, go to the chosen school and ask on what terms they are accepting late applicants. Very often, the chance to find a student card provided by commercial Institutions. Go forward and others, depending on the circumstances. If you gave a positive answer, collect necessary documents, and repeat items, which will be used during the interview.

Universities are reluctant to open the door to new entrants, it is only necessary to know in advance the policy of each institution, and then to try their hand.

Advice 2: What distinguishes the University from the Institute

The University has the right to call any higher education institution which trains specialists in different areas, not less than seven branches of scientific knowledge. This differs from the Institute where the teaching is in the same professional area.
Moscow state University

What is the Institute?

Institute (institutio in Latin – the "institution") referred to higher education and research institution, where teaching and scientific work in one professional field.
An example is the MAI (Moscow aviation Institute), where specialists of wide profile, but only one professional in the field of aviation.

Over 55% of the teachers of the Institute have different academic degrees. Also regulated the amount of research and dedicated to their budget. The Institute is the basic unit in the system of higher education, is the most common type of higher education institution (HEI). Often called the military institutions and security of the educational institution. Managed by the Institute Director or head of Institute. Its graduates become bachelors and masters with the exception of some artistic or military schools.

What is a University?

University (lat. universitas — "totality", "community") was called in the Middle ages the Corporation of teachers and students who have lived in one place, learning science in direct communication with each other. In the modern world, a University is called a College, which conducted scientific and educational work not less than seven dimensions of knowledge. This is its main difference from the Institute. Modern requirements to the universities is high enough: faculty need to apply innovative teaching methods and conduct extensive scientific studies mandatory.
Research at the University should be conducted in five scientific fields. The amount of research funding is regulated in the amount of ten million rubles for the five research years.

The University is usually divided into faculties and the faculties of the Department. Accordingly, the administrative structure of the University consists of the rector, Vice-rectors and deans who head the departments. Then there are heads of departments. The requirements for the academic members of the University higher than the Institute at least 60% of the teaching staff must have academic degree. Also a hundred students resident students must have a minimum of four graduate students.

Many universities act as a huge educational-scientific complexes, which include institutes and laboratories. In Russia there are several types of public universities: Federal universities, national research universities and two universities with special status - the Moscow state University and St. Petersburg state University.

Advice 3: How to go to a German University

The lyric hero of the famous song lamented the fact that he, the Martyr of science, will study in the French side, on an alien planet. Modern students are not as fussy and are willing to go to study abroad. Many are attracted to the German Universities: education is free, even for foreigners, and the academic freedom of teaching gives the opportunity to earn. In addition, the universities and institutes of Germany, of which more than 300 are known for their classical traditions of teaching.
How to go to a German University
So, set a goal certainly to go to a German UNIVERSITY, first of all, select a course of study or specialty that you will comprehend after purchase. Note that in Germany you can study, in the truest sense of the word. However, remember that some of the specialty foreigners accept with great reluctance, because these faculties are usually popular and among the Germans themselves. This faculties studying medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law, architecture, psychology, and biology.
Enrollment in a German UNIVERSITY may only test knowledge of the German language. Certificates DaF, DSH, KDS, GDS can be obtained directly at the chosen University in Russia, for example, in the Institute.Goethe in Moscow. The tests should be prepared in advance, treat them with the utmost seriousness. Fortunately, most Universities in Germany are free or low cost courses where you can brush up and practice my speech.
Select University or Institute. It is advisable to apply to several schools, 5 or even 10. Pre-specify a deadline, but usually training starts twice a year – fall and spring, and to submit documents necessary for 3-6 months prior to the study.
Be sure to find out in what form you need to apply: should the translation be certified by a notary or at the German Embassy in Russia.
It is not necessary to send documents by regular mail, Express delivery will be more reliable, though more expensive.
So, submitting papers and having received a welcome invitation from the University, you can begin obtaining a visa. Immediately make an appointment to Embassy for submission of documents. Remember, the visa is issued within a month, sometimes longer. Consular fee is not less than 30 euros. You need the following documents: an invitation from the University, three visa application forms, three photos 3,5x4,5cm, medical insurance, proof of financial means of the applicant (statement of account confirming the presence of at least 7020 euros). The minimum wage in Germany is € 585 per month.
It remains the case for small – to get to Germany. The University need to arrive on the date specified in the invitation day. Tardiness will not be accepted for any reason. Keep in mind that the use of housing educational institutions can only be after registration, so consider where you will stay during the first days.
You need to have all the necessary documents, originals and certified translations, and medical insurance. After registration the school will issue an insurance policy and sign up in the office for foreign nationals.
A student visa entitles you to work, but not more than 180 days a year.
Useful advice
Full day you can only work on official holidays (three months in the year. Earnings range from 5 to 13 euros per hour.

Advice 4: How to go to College in the United States

In the United States is more than 3,500 colleges and universities. There are no fundamental differences between the two concepts. In both educational institutions can receive bachelor's, master's, and doctoral. The only difference is that the universities are much larger and may consist of several colleges. For example, the famous Harvard University consists of the College of engineering, medical, business school, etc. to Go to school can any foreigner by competition.
How to go to College in the United States
You will need
  • - copy of high school diploma;
  • - recommendations from school Director and teachers;
  • - medical certificate.
In America there is a College (Junior college) and four-year. For admission in them you will need to take the TOEFL. After graduating from Junior college, you can go on a 3-year four-year College. Upon graduation you will be awarded the bachelor's degree.
In colleges there are day and evening classes. Full-time students study semesters. The first semester begins in late August and ends in December. The second lasts from January to April. Training at the evening Department is divided into trimesters. Breaks between them.
In the USA there are colleges established on religious or gender characteristics. They can only be for women, men, Catholics, etc.
If you decide to continue your education in one of American universities before sending documents to this or that school, investigate colleges, to see what there requirements for foreign applicants. After gathering all the necessary information, make your choice.
Almost all higher educational institutions in the USA classes start in August. For admission you need to prepare in advance (a year and a half). Having defined the universities, ask them to send catalogs and information booklets about the programs, living conditions, traditions, etc. With the necessary information you will be sent a questionnaire (application form) to be filled in. The questionnaire may consist of several questions that you will need to answer in short essays. Based on them, the admission Commission will draw conclusions on the extent of your education about how you are able to Express their thoughts and personal qualities. The questionnaire can also be filled directly on the website of the chosen College.
Filling out the form, register for the TOEFL or SAT (depending on the requirements of the College). The test results are also required for admission.
In the fall you will need to send the documents. You will need a copy of the certificate of secondary education, translated into English and notarized, recommendations from school Director and teacher of the core subjects, and a medical certificate.
Sending documents after a while make sure that they came in time. Responses from colleges should come in April-may. Having received positive answers, make your final choices.
In the summer you will need to speak with an Advisor (international advisor or assistant) who deals with issues of foreign students. He will tell you what should be your next course of action.
If you decide to transfer to a College from a Russian University, you will need to attach to the basic documents letters of recommendation from teachers and a statement from the gradebook with the grades in the courses taken. All documents must be translated into English and notarized.
To obtain a visa to the United States the main documents you will need to put the invitation out of College and proof of the funds required.
Useful advice
Making documents, clearly and carefully observe all instructions and requirements. If the essay will be more required, it will not be read.
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