The most difficult thing for the applicant is, perhaps, to determine what UNIVERSITY and what specialty he still wants to do. Here you need to take into account the prestige of the University, and the demand for their profession and personal abilities in a particular area. Walk to Universities on open days, go to their websites to clarify some questions.

If the institution you have decided, it's time to start preparing for the entrance exams. Find out what items will be included in the examination programme. Honestly ask yourself, are you sure 100% that I can easily turn on a particular discipline. If not, then sign up for courses, preferably in the same Institution where you plan to do. Treat them seriously. Learn everything there give. And try to "make friends" with the teachers – it is quite possible that they will take the test. In General, behave as an exemplary student.

Exams can seem like the hardest stage is the "age of Proceeds". This is partly true. But you don't have to worry if you are not confident in their knowledge. Do not take chances with the cheat sheets. In this respect, University teachers are more qualified than school teachers. Keep calm and balanced. A little more confidence in his voice, and you can add a little (a little!) sense of humor in the response.

Once the exams are passed, expect results. If you lacked a little bit of points before admission, do not despair. Usually there are faculties where with your points of prospective students to enroll. In a year or two you will be able to transfer to his specialty as the first course many students drop out, freeing up the vacant seats. But if the scores you passed, then congratulations are in order with the title of "student".