General information

Register to take the exam can be performed or by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation, or the Department of education, the district depending on the order of delivery of unified state examination in separate region. It is therefore necessary to clarify what kind of educational authority deals with the registration of participants of the exam in your area. Also be aware that during the state exam there are 2 waves of delivery: primary, which is held from may to June, and supplementary held in July.

The main wave

In order to pass the exam in the main time, it is necessary not later than March 1 of the current year to write the corresponding application in which you want to specify a list handed disciplines. Graduates of the current year the application is submitted in those educational institutions in which they are currently studying. Graduates of previous years apply to the local Department of education. After the statement on passing the exam submitted before 10 may to receive a special pass for the exam. Graduates of current year get this document where applied, i.e. in their educational institution. Accordingly, others who want to pass the exam get the admission in the Department of education.

When you receive the pass make sure it has all the necessary records:
- list handed disciplines;
- the location of the point of the exam;
- the date and time of the state exam;
codes of educational institutions and place of the exam.

In addition, outside the pass, you should take the documents with the rules of the exam, filling out the forms, instructions on arrival at the place of delivery of the exam. These documents must be read carefully to avoid unnecessary problems.

Additional wave

In additional time to pass the unified state examination have the right ' graduates, and graduates of the current year who have not had the opportunity to take part in the exam in normal time. In order to pass the exam in the additional wave, you need to apply from 20th June to 4th July. The application must be submitted either in College or a University, depending on what educational institution you are aiming to get the results of the exam. Pass exam participants will receive there, where wrote the application. As a rule, the document issued immediately after writing the application. In addition, remember that documents, instructions on taking the exam in paragraph of the issue not required, so take care of this in advance at home.