You will need
  • - diploma of specialized secondary schools;
  • - certificate of unified state exam;
  • photography.
Select a profession and University for admission. Some universities provide College graduates, for example, in Economics, the opportunity to study under the reduced program. It is usually 3 or 3.5 years and is reduced at the expense of subjects and disciplines, which the graduates of the colleges studied previously. In this case, the University usually offers the possibility of admission without exam, with its own entrance tests or even after the interview.
If you want to radically change the specialty act will need to complete the training program. To do this, first pass the exam in those subjects which requires your University. Graduates of colleges usually participate in the exams in June, later than high school. Testing is conducted on the basis of different universities. Learn about the places of holding the exam you can in the admissions office of your University.
After passing the exam the maximum possible score for you, submit the documents to the University. You can choose up to five majors at three universities and to e-mail them or personally to convey to admissions officers copy of your certificate of passing the exam and diploma College.
Wait for the announcement of the results of a set of entrants. Usually orders on recommendations for admission to the universities published in early August. If you find yourself in the list, give to the admission Commission the originals of your documents. Keep in mind that most universities have two waves of enrollment. The first enrollment is offered to people with the highest number of points, the second - is allocated the remaining seat if applicants who have passed in the first wave, went to study in another place. So you still have a chance, even if your name is not in the first order for admission.