Procedure for admission to institution of higher professional education approved by the Ministry of education No. 2895 dated 28.12.2011, provides students the opportunity to enroll simultaneously in 5 universities, as well as choose each of them to 3 specialties or areas. In any case, you first need to apply for UK universities applications for admission into the first year.

The list of documents required common to all universities:
- the statement;
- passport or another identity document;
- document on education (certificate, diploma of secondary or higher professional educational institutions);
- 4 photos (in case you want to run additional tests or exams conducted by the University independently);
- military ID (if available);
- the documents confirming the right to benefits.

Basic information about the potential student should be set out in the statement. It shall contain: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth of the applicant, his passport details, the chosen direction or specialty, information on education, exam results, participation in competitions, provision of benefits, as well as the need for accommodation. In addition, applicants must certify in writing that receiving higher education for the first time and delivers the documents are not more than 5 universities. Also the applicant has to sign that he / she is familiar with the license and accreditation certificate of the University, the rules for filing appeals on the results of entrance tests and the date of the granting of the original document about education.

Applicants may prefer to submit originals and photocopies of documents, and for members of admission Commission, there is no direct prohibition to require the original certificate or diploma and other documents not covered by the list. Best to take in each of the selected universities copies: this will enable you to submit an original document about education in the school, which received passed on competition, and not lose time to pick it up from the office of another University.

Annually accepting applications of enrollment to the first course begins not later than June 20 and ends depending on the form of entrance examinations taken by the University:
- optionally pass additional examinations of creative and professional orientation – July 5;
- if the University conducts entrance tests of their own – 10 July;
- for admission solely on the results of the exam on July 25.

The best time for going to the admissions office - the middle of the deadline, when it is possible to estimate the approximate number of applicants, competition and passing score. However, applying to multiple universities, you should inquire about the beginning and end of reception of statements in each of them.

Admission to several universities – not an easy task, especially if they are in different cities. However, you can avoid standing in queues to the admissions office, if you send an application for admission to the first year by mail, attach photocopies of the required documents, or in digital form, if the institution provides such an opportunity. But we should remember that the University will accept a statement only if it is received before the completion of receiving the documents.