Advice 1: How to submit applications to several universities

Russian law allows citizens who successfully passed the entrance examinations to state universities, to get higher education for free. And in order to increase their chances for admission, applicants may submit applications and to participate in the competition of several educational institutions.
How to submit applications to several universities

Procedure for admission to institution of higher professional education approved by the Ministry of education No. 2895 dated 28.12.2011, provides students the opportunity to enroll simultaneously in 5 universities, as well as choose each of them to 3 specialties or areas. In any case, you first need to apply for UK universities applications for admission into the first year.

The list of documents required common to all universities:
- the statement;
- passport or another identity document;
- document on education (certificate, diploma of secondary or higher professional educational institutions);
- 4 photos (in case you want to run additional tests or exams conducted by the University independently);
- military ID (if available);
- the documents confirming the right to benefits.

Basic information about the potential student should be set out in the statement. It shall contain: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth of the applicant, his passport details, the chosen direction or specialty, information on education, exam results, participation in competitions, provision of benefits, as well as the need for accommodation. In addition, applicants must certify in writing that receiving higher education for the first time and delivers the documents are not more than 5 universities. Also the applicant has to sign that he / she is familiar with the license and accreditation certificate of the University, the rules for filing appeals on the results of entrance tests and the date of the granting of the original document about education.

Applicants may prefer to submit originals and photocopies of documents, and for members of admission Commission, there is no direct prohibition to require the original certificate or diploma and other documents not covered by the list. Best to take in each of the selected universities copies: this will enable you to submit an original document about education in the school, which received passed on competition, and not lose time to pick it up from the office of another University.

Annually accepting applications of enrollment to the first course begins not later than June 20 and ends depending on the form of entrance examinations taken by the University:
- optionally pass additional examinations of creative and professional orientation – July 5;
- if the University conducts entrance tests of their own – 10 July;
- for admission solely on the results of the exam on July 25.

The best time for going to the admissions office - the middle of the deadline, when it is possible to estimate the approximate number of applicants, competition and passing score. However, applying to multiple universities, you should inquire about the beginning and end of reception of statements in each of them.

Admission to several universities – not an easy task, especially if they are in different cities. However, you can avoid standing in queues to the admissions office, if you send an application for admission to the first year by mail, attach photocopies of the required documents, or in digital form, if the institution provides such an opportunity. But we should remember that the University will accept a statement only if it is received before the completion of receiving the documents.

Advice 2 : What documents do I need in College

At receipt in a higher educational institution an applicant must provide several documents. For some individual categories of citizens (disabled persons, persons who came from the military service by conscription), there are nuances to provide appropriate documentation.
What documents do I need in College

For admission to higher education the main categories of citizens the following documents are required:

1. A statement written on a special form. For training on the bachelor programs or programs that prepare professionals for admission to the first year, applicants have the right to write a statement a maximum of five Universities at any of the three specialties.

2. Document (certificate) on the presence of secondary complete General education (original or copy).
3. The certificate of results of unified state examination (unified state examination), the original or a copy.
4. The documents proving the identity the applicant (passport), the original or a copy.
5. Photos (usually 6-8 photos (3x4 format).
6. Medical certificate (only needed in some Universities).

Persons who passed military service on an appeal and resigned in connection with the end of her term, have the right during the years since his discharge from service, provide the results of the exam they received in the year prior to conscription. They also presented at UNIVERSITY admissions, among other documents, military ID.

Applicants who have special rights or privileges at receipt in higher education institutions, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, present either the original or a copy of the documents confirming them.

Students with disabilities and indicators of health provide the original or copy of any of the following documents:

1. The conclusion of the medical-psychological-pedagogical Commission;
2. Certificate of establishment of group of disabilityissued by establishment mediko-social commissions of Federal significance.

Disabled children, disabled people of groups I and II who are eligible for the enrolment out of the competition, shall present the original or photocopy of certificates of disability and medical certificate about absence of contraindications for study at a higher education institution.

Persons entering the magistracy, must present a diploma of bachelor, specialist or master.
Applicants arriving at the target site, should submit the originals of documents on education.

Advice 3 : How to apply to University

The first step in training – secondary school – passed. And if you decide to continue your path to knowledge and become a specialist with higher education – feel free to submit documents to the University.
How to apply to University

Call the admissions office of your chosen University or visit the school and to clarify the list of documents necessary for admission to this University. Requirements of different academic institutions may differ. If you navigate to the information obtained from the site, please note that this information was relevant. If the documents were published last year, he could change.

Approximate list of documents that you will need for admission, would be: passport and photocopy of the passport pages with photo and information about your place of residence, the document on secondary education, proof of passing the exam, photographs, certificate, or military ID for military service, and medical help for those who entered the daytime Department. To obtain this help you in your clinic. Don't leave it to the last day to bypass all doctors, it will take a lot of time.

Specify whether the University accepts photocopies of documents. Also, if you are a winner of any contests or competitions, certificates and other evidence of your victories or their copies should be attached to other securities.

Find out the time of submission of documents to the chosen institution and go to the admissions office. Not worth it to do on the last day, otherwise you risk to spend a few hours in the queue. The Commission representative will issue you a statement addressed to the rector, which will need to fill an established pattern. Then you give the application along with documents to the admissions officer. Your papers are filed and you are given a receipt, which officially makes you an entrant of the University and also allows in that case to pick up the documents.

Advice 4 : How to send documents to the University

Since 2009, the vast majority of Russian universities have switched to taking entrance examinations in the form of the exam. On the one hand, it simplified the flow, as now, applicants need to pass the exams only once, but on the other hand, you must strictly adhere to the application procedure.
How to send documents to the University
Visit the websites of interested universities, preferably in may, and find out the deadline at each University. They may differ for different groups of students. Graduates of the current year should normally apply until the twentieth of July. Those who left school early and have to take the exam again, are typically registered at the University until early July. Separate terms are defined for students of creative profession], except that the exam must pass additional entrance examinations.
If the University is in your city, come there in person. Bring your passport and its copy, copy of certificate of graduation and copies of the certificates of the unified state exam. If you do only in one institution, you can immediately file the original of the certificate and the certifications exam. If you belong to one of the privileged categories, bring the paperwork to prove it - certificates of the victory at the Olympics, disability certificate, proof of passage of military service or other paper. On the spot complete an application for admission. You can choose up to three specialties at one University.
For non-resident students, provides delivery of documents by mail. Send only copies of documents, to exclude the possibility of loss of the originals. It is best to send your documents by registered mail.
Wait for the announcement of the results of the first wave of reception of students. If you are enlisted, please bring or send your original certificate of completion of school in the selected school. Wait for the publication of the order of admission and check it by your name. If you are not on the list of the first wave, don't worry - if part of students decide to go to another place you can be enrolled in the second wave of admission of students, which takes place in early August.
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