Go to the website you have chosen Polytechnic University of the Internet and read all the information relating to procedure of admission, faculties, admission tests, which are waiting for you. Find the application form of the applicant and the application form on receipt. Print and complete them.
Submit an application on participation in competition for admission to your chosen Polytechnic University. Use your right to apply to multiple Universities (not more than 5), and several faculties (3). Serve a statement simultaneously on various forms (full-time, evening, correspondence) learning. If you are willing to pay for their own training, then apply simultaneously on budgetary places and on places under contracts with payment of tuition fees. In this case, it is your chance to do greatly increased.
Attach to the application the original or copy of documents certifying your identity and citizenship, the original or a photocopy of the document of the state sample about education, documents about the privileges established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (if you have any). Attach a list of documents and the statement already filled in the first step the profile of entrant.
If you cannot personally bring the application for admission to the first year of the above documents, send them by mail a notification letter and a mandatory list of contents. The notice and a certified inventory will be the basis of the acknowledgment of your documents.
Go through entrance tests, which depend on the chosen faculty. If you are unable to appear for the entrance test for a valid reason (illness or other circumstances that can be documented), it will inform the Polytechnic University and trials to another day the decision of the admissions Committee.