Admission to the classic University can bring quality education and a prestigious diploma. The main advantage of a classical University - cooperation with the academic environment. On the basis of large higher education institutions are academic institutions. You can chat with scientists who use the lab for their own design work. Classical universities are good for getting fundamental education.
Polytechnic universities train professionals for production, technological and information companies. The institutions inherent in the focus on practice, study of a large number of mathematical and physical disciplines. Polytechnics will suit those who wish to become engineers, programmers, technicians.
The institutes will allow you to develop the necessary professional knowledge and skills, and the emphasis is often on practice. Universities relations, communications, medicine and architecture produced thousands of professionals every year. They not only give you the skills and connections that you can later come in handy for future success in their careers.
To enter a University must pass at least three exams. Russian language is required; also required is math for technical professions, and literature - creative. There is also one profile exam, which must pass for admission to your chosen higher education institution.
Some universities make their admissions tests, which are called "creative competition". This is typically the case for "free" professions.