You will need
  • - copy of passport;
  • - the certificate about education;
  • 6 photos size 3x4 cm;
  • - medical certificate form 086/y;
  • - the certificate on results of CSE.
Select a suitable school. Think about what specialty you want to get, who will work, how highly regarded a particular profession on the labor market. However, trade school is easier to adapt your learning process to market conditions, rather than universities, and often colleges offer to receive the highly sought-after specialty. Focus also on the proximity of the institution to the home (are you ready to go to study in another city?).
Collect the necessary documents. The exact list check with the admissions office, but usually schools require to provide a high school diploma, a document certifying the identity (passport), photographs for your personal business and student card, medical certificate in the prescribed form. If you arrive in school after the 11th grade of secondary school, attach a certificate about the results of the exam.
Successfully complete the entrance test is of course the most difficult stage of admission to professional school. You'll need to pass 2 exams. The exam on the Russian language is obligatory in all schools, the second object is determined based on the selected profile. If you successfully passed the exam, you may enroll for the interview results.
When you use training manuals of the institution and the examination material of the past. This will greatly facilitate your task, because often the tasks on the entrance examination is not too different from last year. They will give you in admissions.