After you graduate College, you can go to any commercial higher educational institution, but teaching in such a place can be some problems. First, not everyone can afford the luxury of a paid education, and second, that the graduate of the state University are more willing to take a job with a degree. That is why it is best to give preference to governmental institution.
How from the state universities to do can be judged by several criteria. The first criterion is the entrance test. People entering the University are allowed to pass their own exam of the Institute and must pass a standard exam. If results of unified state examination have received already, it can provide them, and they will be counted as the results of entrance examinations.
The second criterion is schedule to attend classes. The applicant can choose the schedule what he needed. In recent times, students try to study on the correspondence form of training, as it allows you to combine study with work or any other activity.
The third criterion - the location. If the entrant is trained on the weekends, the location educational institutions are not especially important, but if on weekdays, it is advisable to choose a University located close to the center, so it was more convenient to reach from any point of the city.
The fourth and last criterion is the cost of training. Even if you choose the state educational institution, you must understand that in order to study on a budgetary basis, you should have a very high passing grade. If the results of your entrance tests leave much to be desired, you will have to pay for training.