Finish school and pass the exam on the Russian language, literature, and biology. It is these items you will need for admission to the faculty of correctional pedagogy. Find out which pedagogical universities of the country have such faculties and select a few of them, depending on their proximity, level of requirements to entrants or prestige.
Contact the admission offices of these universities, attaching to the application certified copies of the certificate and of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, a certified copy of the certificate exam, a short autobiography, a medical certificate (which should be the conclusion of a speech pathologist), 4 photos 3?4.
Please note: some universities provide admission to the faculty of correctional pedagogy not on the exam, and the results of entrance examinations in the Russian language (dictation or summary), Russian language/literature (orally), anatomy and General biology (oral). So carefully read the conditions of admission before you apply to a particular University.
The competition for admission to this school in any case usually takes place in two stages, so be prepared that you will be invited for a small interview. The purpose of the interview is to find out whether or not you have speech defects, and to determine your psychological status, as the profession of speech therapist involves communication with very young children and very naughty adults.
Graduate from a medical or pedagogical College with the red diploma, which will give you the opportunity to enter the specialty "speech therapy" only after a small interview and learn further on an abbreviated program.
If you already have higher pedagogical or medical education, then you can retrain as a speech therapist, graduating from short courses at universities that have a faculty of correctional pedagogy. If you are a holder of a diploma are not the primary specialty, you will have to enroll in a second degree by submitting to the admissions office statement, certified copy of the diploma, its annexes and passport and 4 photos 3?4. Pass the job interview, and if the results are satisfactory, will pay for the first semester. Duration - 3-3.5 years.