You will need
  • - Successfully passed exam GIA
  • - High school diploma
The easiest and the obvious for many, the path is to remain in school. Not all after grade 9 I want to leave the school in other educational institutions. You can choose the traditional educational scheme and study at the high school until the 11th grade to pass the exam, get a Ged and then to enroll in any educational institution of higher or vocational education. For the last two years of study you will have the opportunity to better prepare for accession and to make a final career choice, if you haven't already.
If by the end of grade 9 you have already chosen a specialty and know what then want to work, you can go to College. College (the College) is a secondary vocational education that provides good skills in specific professional fields. It is easier to learn than in high school, and if you want after College or College, you will be able to go to University. The College is considered to be an intermediate between secondary school and higher education.
The school is a good option for students who are interested in narrow specialization. After cooking or hairdressing school you are guaranteed to get a profession and is unlikely to face challenging employment.
If you want to deepen school and receive a quality higher education, a good solution would be to enroll in school at the University. While studying at school, you will receive the matriculation and graduate from grade 11, and prepare to enter the chosen faculty with professional teachers. Graduates of such educational institutions, the Universities to which they are attached, provide benefits.