You will need
  • a certificate of secondary or incomplete secondary (when entering College) education or a certificate of passing the exam;
  • - medical certificate for admission to study (form 286, 086у).
Select the item you'd prefer to teach school, and learning. It is generally believed that the classical universities provide a deeper knowledge on the subject, and in teaching better is the case with the study of teaching methodology.
Wait until the beginning of reception of documents from applicants and submit them to the selected University. The minimal set includes a certificate of secondary (incomplete or average, if you go to College on the basis of nine classes) and a medical certificate in the prescribed form (286, or 086у), if available - certificate on exams in core subjects. If you finished school a long time, it may make sense to take the exam on the desired object in a specialized centre and its reception (paid service) and thereby avoid having to pass the entrance exams. The law allows you to apply to several universities. Better take advantage of this opportunity.
Turn, if necessary, entrance examinations.
Wait for the start of classes if you are enrolled in school.
Follow all that is required of you in the curriculum: attend lectures and practical classes, seminars, carry out independent, control, course and diploma works, go through the installed program time Bogatsky and pedagogical training, pass exams and tests during the sessions, and the graduation rate - the graduation examinations and defend a thesis.
Get a diploma, successfully mastered the curriculum and passed all the required exams and tests.