After graduation

The main way to obtain teaching positions at the University involves, first of all, the ending of this University. In the process of learning, if a student gets high scores, involved in student conferences and is actively working in the University environment, he can get the Department work assistant.

PhD and associate Professor on the path to teaching

After finishing undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in graduate school with the aim of improving their skills. There he passes his state exams and after defending his doctoral dissertation he became a senior lecturer, and he was awarded the degree of candidate of Sciences. After the approval of the all-Russian Attestation Commission of the PhD thesis the graduate student must submit a petition to the academic rank of associate Professor.

The rank of associate Professor is given forever and gives the right teaching at the University. It is assigned by the academic Council of the University and approved by the Federal service for supervision in education and science. Associate Professor conducts scientific and methodical work, lectures, supervises independent study and research work of students.

His professorship

If there is a desire to go further on the career ladder, you can enter the doctoral studies and defend doctoral thesis there. This is a very complex procedure, but the degree of doctor of science teacher opens up many new possibilities: it has the right to work in the University as much as he wants; he supervises graduate students; he gets a higher salary.

In addition to the academic rank of Professor, in modern Russia there is a professorship that is awarded only at the time of employment, and granted to persons who have passed the competitive selection and approved by the academic Council of the University.

Other ways

To graduate from the pedagogical University – the most direct route to the teachers. But the way this is not the only one.

In order to become a practicing teacher, sometimes not even need degrees. Instructors well-versed in his subject. Often already during the training period, many students are engaged in tutoring practice, that the experience greatly improves their professional competence. If you want you can acquire modern teaching methods.

Actively developing today, and business training. Business coaches become both humanists, and technicians with skills of manipulating the audience and transmission of information, accumulated experience in the business.