How to choose a College, so as not to regret later about the decision? In the first place to soberly assess their own capabilities. If you dislike algebra and geometry, go to the Department of applied mathematics makes no sense. Proceed recklessly and quickly leave the school, or promuchalas few years in a completely unnecessary specialization. Interested in social studies, history and political regimes? You'll love law school. To finally determine the choice, visit the "open Day" in the interests of the establishment – everything will fall into place.
The prestige of the institution plays a lesser role in choosing a College. Graduates of popular universities have more chances to get a paying job. The curriculum of such a College is usually made in accordance with the requirements of 1 and 2 year students of faculties of the same specialization of local Universities. This is done for your convenience: after College you will be able to enroll in the same high school, without additional training. Kudos to the secondary special educational institutions can be found in local Newspapers and on the Internet portals dedicated to education.
Prefer public colleges are paid. In the United States, England and Canada, the situation is the opposite: increasing popularity there are private Universities and technical schools because they offer an excellent guarantee to its graduates. In Russia, many private schools are created for easy money, not provide quality educational services. This College can be closed in an unexpected moment, not pass the state accreditation and to simply be firm-"a something ephemeral".