If first degree is not related to pedagogy, to obtain a second higher education at any educational Institute or University, as well as in the majority of classical universities of the Russian Federation.

Direction of higher pedagogical education

In most pedagogical universities has faculties where you can get a dual specialization, for example, one of the teachers of the disciplines and the educational psychologist. However, this option is provided primarily for those who are enrolled full-time. On evening and correspondence courses it is possible to obtain a higher education in the following areas: preschool education, primary education, further education and teaching of different disciplines.

Specialist, received the second higher pedagogical education, can get a job in a kindergarten, school, College and technical school. In addition, he may engage in tutoring, giving private courses. Pedagogical knowledge and skills are needed in many areas of human activity, and may also be useful in the training and education of their children.

Forms of postgraduate pedagogical education

The second higher pedagogical education can be obtained for internal, correspondence, internally-correspondence (evening) and distance learning. For people already having higher education and working at the existing or another specialty, part-time and distance learning is most convenient. However, by learning remotely, you can only learn the theory and experience of working with children, ability to communicate and find common language with them will come only in practice.

Another form of teacher training on the basis of already existing higher professional training is often conducted in institutes of improvement of professional skill and retraining of workers of education or institutes of education development. The advantage of such training are as quickly as possible. However, obtaining the diploma giving the right to conduct a new type of professional activity, is not a document on higher education. Moreover, the acquired knowledge often is more limited than those that can be obtained in basic University.

It should also be noted that, under current law, obtaining a second higher education is paid. So whoever decides to take this step, it will take quite considerable financial resources.