In General, when choosing a school you should be required to assess their previously accumulated knowledge. It is not necessary to give preference to the Institute, Academy or University, if your grade point average according to the results of final examinations does not exceed the minimum rating or is in the range of average.
If you plan a training budget (free of charge), unfortunately, without an exam you will not take. Currently, in order to enroll in any school, be it College or school, it is necessary to pass the unified state examination. The only exceptions are some high schools in which there is a shortage of students. That is why these places accept students only on application and interview.
It is quite another extrabudgetary training. Called extra-budgetary-based education on a paid basis. Many educational institutions at various levels offer huge number of offers for training on paid departments, and not only internally, but also in absentia, and even remotely. However, we must note that the tuition price is not small. That's why paid learning is not expensive.
There is a perception that people who are educated on a fee basis training, has neither the knowledge nor the skills. This view is erroneous. It all depends on the student and what goals he set before them, submitting documents in a particular school. Someone goes to College just to get a diploma, and someone during training is trying to get real knowledge and skills. Similarly, one can argue that students budget office savvy at all one hundred percent.