Easiest after a pedagogical University or College to find work in the specialty. If sad low wages - should consider options for the government to support those young teachers who are willing to work in the Outback. In some regions, for three years in a rural school can receive compensation equal to the first payment in the mortgage, or even half the cost of a small apartment in the capital region or region. In addition, after several years of practice in the normal school, you can go into a private or to become a lecturer in colleges or University.
You can use the skills that I gained at University, in addition to knowledge in education. For example, to become a tutor, which is important, as there is exam system. With a diploma of a teacher of a foreign language can do the translation, or choose the profession of a tour guide for visitors from other countries. Teacher or drawing can try yourself in the organization of workshops for adults and children. Teacher of singing and music is able to organize a Studio for those wishing to sing well in karaoke.
On the basis of teacher education can be psychological and to develop a career in this direction. Or to undergo special courses and found a job in the personnel Department. There are always need people who can train others. People with pedagogical education are often in demand as secretaries and personal assistants. Employers believe that they have especially increased organizational skills. And also that they have a high sense of responsibility, so after pediculata it is possible to become a social worker.
Finally, teacher education helps to work as counselors and educators in children's camps and sanatoriums. Also the teacher becomes an obligation of wealthy people who choose a nanny, housekeeper or caregiver for your child.