First, study, study and study again. High scores GIA or the exam + certificate greatly increase your chances of admission to the chosen educational institution.
Finish school with a medal. If you go to College after 11th grade, high school gold and silver gives you a significant advantage. The gold medal is given to students with a certificate of one fives and and passed the exam on the Russian language and mathematics not less than 75 points.
Take part in the Olympics. Winner of all-Russian Olympiad has the right to become a student of any University or Collegeand Russia of their choice. Regional competition can be a stage in College of local importance. In addition, as shown by school practice, participants in Olympiads are experiencing significantly less difficult when exams or GIA.
Participate while learning at school in various competitions and contests, play sports, develop skills that can be useful in your chosen professional field. There have been cases when a good athlete or talented artist took to the school generally without exams in the expectation that this student will represent the College in competition.
Get documents, which provide the right to preferential admission. Without competition in our country are enrolled orphans, the disabled 2-3 groups, participants of military operations, persons who have served in the army and to train the commander, minors with a single parent with a disability. Exams still have, but you will be required to score only the minimum score.
Communication can play an important role. Use all the hidden features, and it is possible that the door chosen Collegeand will open before you and without exams.