You will need
  • - good health;
  • - good physical preparation;
  • - the documents proving your identity, education documents etc.
Going to work in the public security organs, you have to understand that a career in this Department is not only the prestige and social security, but also a huge responsibility, coupled with various limitations. Not to mention the fact that this work is often fraught with risk to life. If you are not afraid of warning, and you at all costs want to become a member of the FSBthen you will need to pass strict selection.
If you have serious health problems, is a close relative of a public servant, have citizenship of a foreign state, lived (you or your close relatives) abroad, have criminal records, the application for admission on service in FSB may not even apply. The above circumstances are grounds for immediate refusal.
If none of the above not apply to you, you can contact the local bodies of FSB with the request for consideration of your candidacy. Be prepared to provide the place of the future work of the tax return (your own and your family members) and a number of documents which the HR Department sees fit to request.
The main stages in which eliminated the desire to work in the organs of state security – this is a test of physical fitness and medical examination. To enlist in the FSB, you need to catch up on the bar at least 10 times, run 100 m 14,40 s, 1 km – 4, 25 min, 3 km – 12, 35 min (the standards are specified for men under the age of 35 years). Therefore, before the actual employment give your physical data in accordance with the relevant standards.With regard to the medical examination, here it depends on you a bit. Radically change their health in such a short time you can hardly.
Submit to HR proof of your achievements in sport, education and employment. Welcome to the sporting level in shooting, martial arts. If you have additional skills (such as climber), be sure to inform us of this. Knowledge of several foreign languages will distinguish you among other candidates.