The reasons why girls do not take to the troops

The most rational and logical way to achieve this goal is admission to the UNIVERSITY, which issues from his door the defenders of the country. But there are certain nuances. In the first place, the situation has an effect to reduce the number of higher military educational institutions, are willing to accept in the walls of the fair sex. This is because after graduating from the military Institute girls often throw their original purpose - to serve the Fatherland, and devote their lives to a more peaceful professions.
The state in such cases is in vain spends money on training that leads to the losses of the Treasury.

From another point of view, the Armed Forces allow a certain number of military posts, which can handle women. Such jobs are very few, so the set of the College decided to limit.
Another reason leading to the decline of these places – the reduction of the armed forces.

Sharply decreased opportunities for girls to study in military schools since 1997. Since that time, remained the only available military UNIVERSITY in Saint-Petersburg and Novocherkassk. To do them is difficult due to the tight selection. So in 2002, it passed the entrance test only 50 girls.

The same situation is observed in the Federal Border service in the schools of Kaliningrad and Galitsin. There now take for studying only boys.

How to become a man - servicemen

Girls ready to take only the Moscow military Institute of the border service, on one specialty - "the officer of border control". This institution has not provided the results of hostels, therefore, to enter there, it is best to have a Moscow residence permit. In addition, the Institute requires security of tenure during his studies in Moscow or close to it, for example, in the field, and this reduces opportunities coming ladies.

The fairer sex can try your hand at the security office at the Academy of the FSB , but only at translation Department.

The Ministry of internal Affairs closed the admission of entrants to institutions of military troops. According to the rules, the girls can only attend a civilian educational institution. According to the statement of the personnel service of the defense Ministry, all purposeful women can become officers after a civilian UNIVERSITY for one of the accounts of military specialties and after military service under the contract.

If you are one of those girls who dreams of becoming a military, select the most suitable COLLEGE, give back the documents, and upon completion of training, sign a contract and go to the service.