Where to apply for enlistment for military service in bodies of Federal security service?
According to information on the website of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, you need to apply to the territorial authority of the security at the place of residence.
Who can become a member of the Federal security service?
An employee of the Federal security service may become a Russian citizen, who meets the requirements - personal and professional qualities, age, education, health status, readiness to work in any region of Russia.
Requirements for a candidate to work in the Federal security service:
- education (education - higher, secondary special, secondary (complete).

- the level of training appropriate to duties;

- physical fitness level corresponding to the established standards
The candidate's compliance with the requirements of the health
The candidate sent for medical examination, which conducts the medical Board of the FSB. The candidate should be declared fit for military service (work), probably with minor restrictions.
Professional suitability of the candidate for military service (work) in the FSB
Specialists in professional selection is carried out psychophysiological examination of the candidate.

When conducting professional selection takes into account:

- the level of intelligence;

- psychological conformity of the position for which the applicant is applying;

- the speed and quickness of thinking;

- good communication skills;

- and other important military service (work) skills.
Further, the FSB start up a private business of the candidate and with his consent by checking the data of the candidate.