You will need
  • Higher or secondary professional education, vocational and physical training
As noted by the staff of the FSB, the Federal security service may operate a Russian citizen, capable in their personal and professional qualities, age, education and health to fulfill his duties, ready to work in any region of Russia.
Of course, the person on the street" to become a member of the FSB will be difficult. For example, you need to graduate from the Academy of the FSB. There you have to decide in which direction will to learn. Whether it's technical direction, intelligence, or legal. Once you decide on the scope of activities, should contact their local office of the FSB. If your appearance does not cause doubts among specialists, will be asked to undergo a medical examination, psychological testing, and an exam. Possible, exams will be in the Academy.
You can do without the Academy of the FSB. Contacting the local office of a statement is the first term. Next you'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire, possibly with a detailed description of not only pedigree, but also his personal biography and the biography of their parents. If your candidature will meet the specialists of the territorial body, you will be given the opportunity to undergo a medical examination. In General, the consideration of candidates takes place during the month.