Advice 1: How to find a service in FSB of the Russian Federation

To work in the Federal Security Service (FSB) - the dream of three young men of the Russian Federation. And there's a logical explanation: the prestige of the profession; the vast career opportunities both during service and after retirement; stable salary and many privileges.

But not to cost to forget that the FSB is also a big responsibility. According to statistics, only one out of two hundred and fifty citizens of the Russian Federation is able to find a service in FSB of Russia. But perhaps this two hundred and fiftieth it is you! So if you dream to become a security officer, I recommend that you try your hand.

Today I decided to share a personal experience of attempts to employment for service in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.
How to find a service in FSB of the Russian Federation
You will need
  • - the age from 16 till 40 years.
  • - the written application for consideration of your nomination to serve in the security organs;
  • - autobiography, completed independently by hand;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - military card or registration certificate;
  • - document on level of education along with evaluation sheet;
  • - certificate of registration of acts of civil status (if available);
  • - the documents of close relatives (birth certificates, marriage and divorce, adoption (adoption), paternity, name change, death);
  • - data on incomes, about property and obligations of property character of the candidate, his spouse (spouse), minor children;
  • photos of the established sample (just do not require "a pattern" you can specify the employee of the personnel Department of the FSB).
The first thing you need to know the telephone number of the Department of the FSB in your region. Calling tell us about your desire to work in FSB, your call will be transferred to the HR staff. At this point you need a pen and paper, because the HR person will call you with the address, date and time of receipt. Be sure to write down the name of the employee leading a dialogue with you.
Please appear at the appointed time and day, the FSB in your region. Upon entering the building contact the duty officer, and tell him the name of the employee with whom you have previously talked on the phone and find out his personal phone number. Next, go into the waiting room, in most cases, there is a courtesy phone, if it is not there, again contact the attendant for directions phone intercom. Call the HR person and inform them about your arrival and wait for him in the waiting room.
If you are younger than 22 years, and you never did military service, or you are under the age of 25 and passed military service on an appeal, then it is likely that you will be offered to undergo training in one of the frontier institutions of FSB of Russia or the Moscow FSB Academy. This is one of the most prestigious Universities of Russia, judge for yourself: free training; the stipend is 15 thousand rubles; the teaching staff is almost entirely staffed by former KGB and FSB; the modern material and technical base; at the end of the institution you are given the rank of Lieutenant of the FSB.
You decided to try to go to schools? Then you need to pass psychophysiological research. Undergoing study at the medical center of the FSB, the address of which you will inform the employee of the personnel Department. From personal experience I would say that if you do not know the city, make sure you download high quality maps of the organization in buildings, because even residents of the nearby with the medical center houses not even aware of its existence.
Psychophysiological research will take place in 2 stages: computer-based tests prepared by the psychologists of the FSB of Russia, the conversation with the psychologists; the passage of the Commission on check of your physical condition. 20 people at stage 2 are 5-7 people. It is not the task of psychologists is to cut more than half, simply they do not fit the standard FSB.
Check the physical condition does not differ from military-medical Commission. But they have their own "trick": I asked for the nails and hair for examination is due to hair and nails, you can determine have you used drugs during the previous two years. Therefore, if used, do not attempt to enter the service of the FSB, don't waste your time as well as time employees.
Next, you are required to take a polygraph: nothing difficult if you have nothing to hide from the FSB.
If you have successfully passed the psycho-physiological research, then the subsequent time I recommend you to devote to physical training, because the next step will be a test of your fitness. The standards for admission in educational institutions of FSB you can find on the official website of the Federal Security Service. Check your physical training will be held on the basis of your chosen educational institution FSB. School in June is organizing a 30 day fees.
Well, if you do not wish to be trained in educational institutions of FSB of Russia, also offered to undergo a psycho-physiological study. Then you say "We'll call you!", but this call you can not wait.
Useful advice
If you wish to enroll in educational institutions of FSB of Russia, it is necessary not later than the month of may of the current year to inform employees of the personnel Department of the FSB of Russia.

Advice 2 : How to do the border service

Frontier troops – not just those soldiers who guard our borders, who will take the first hit, if you start fighting. If you want to join this kind of troops, you will need to complete the following steps.
How to do the border service
You serve in the army by conscription. In the border troops mostly recruits citizens wishing to serve under contract. Contractors are paid a cash salary, in addition, they have a right to free housing.
Contact a military Commissariat in the city where you live or the part that would like to serve. In the border service of the persons not older than 40 years appropriate professional medical and psychological requirements. Border guards can be both men and women.
Pass a medical examination, get in the military in the affirmative and go for service in specified military unit.
One way of getting into border guards is trained in the border guard Institute of the FSB of Russia. In order to begin to study, you must:
1. To undergo a medical examination and professional psychological selection. You must have good health and a different moral resistance. The students of the institution can not be convicted citizens and persons with drug problems. Also you will be forced to undergo a series of tests to determine your moral character, because the service in the border troops connected with the state secret and classified documents.
2. Pass traditional exams in literature, Russian language, social science and history.
3. To be tested on your level of fitness.
If you successfully pass all the tests, you will become a student of the Institute of border troops, and then the officer-the frontier guard. Duration of training is 5 years.
Border authorities FSB also taking into its ranks of graduates of ordinary Universities with diplomas of lawyers, economists or specialists in the field of transport. In this case, you will assign the title and guarantee all privileges to the serviceman.
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