You will need
  • feature work, documents about education, academic degree, a copy of the employment book or the certificate on assignment of sports titles
Contact a military Commissariat at the place of residence. If in your community there is no section for this instance, you need to visit the nearest military Commissariat of the municipality, e.g. at the district or regional center.
Write a statement expressing their desire to serve on a contract basis. Example document you can see in the Commissariat.
Undergo a medical osvidetelstvovanie. In the course of this examination, the candidate for the "contract" is assessed by several parameters of health. The service contract is accepted fully healthy citizens or citizens who have slight deviations in health.
Visit the event on professional psychological selection of candidates for a service contract. In that event, the candidate of the"soldier" gets conclusion – recommended for service in the first place, fit for the service, conditionally recommended, not recommended.
Collect all the necessary documents and sign the contract with the military Commissariat. The first contract is for a period of three years. The service contract accepted by the citizens who have completed military service or citizens staying in reserve, soldiers who have served in the armed ranks of not less than 12 months, as well as other citizens in accordance with normative legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation. Age of the candidate on contract service shall be equal to 18-40 years. Subsequent contracts can be signed at a later age. But contract service leave citizens whose age does not exceed 45 years.