Check your reception in the Kremlin regiment with the requirements set out by the recruits. You are not subject to selection in the Kremlin regiment, if you or your close relatives living abroad, if you or your close relatives have been convicted of a state or of a serious crime, if you are under inquiry or preliminary investigation or if the criminal case against you to court.
Also, you lose the right to selection in the Kremlin regiment, if you consist on the account in narcological, psychoneurological or STI clinic if you are registered for offenses in law enforcement, if you are serving a sentence of correctional labor, public works, arrest, restriction of liberty or deprivation of liberty or if you have an unexpunged or outstanding conviction for committing any crime.
Make sure you meet all the requirements set out by the recruits, if you do not fall under the category of people who do not have the right to serve in the Kremlin regiment. Your ears must perceive the whispered speech at a distance of 6 meters or more in both ears, the sharpness of your vision without correction should not be less than 0.7 in both eyes, color perception must be normal. Your height must be between 175-190 cm, weight should not exceed the normal ratio of your height and body weight, physical development must be good.
You have to be of Slavic appearance, strictly prohibited the presence of the body tattoos, scars or piercings, you should have at least secondary education and correctly delivered clear speech without defects. To serve in the Kremlin regiment only allowed the recruits from full families. If you meet all the requirements listed above, refer to the Chapter of the draft Board with a request to call in the Kremlin regiment.