Please note that you now see in the interior Ministry, the FSB and other agencies and units related to the security, even if your criminal record was extinguished.
Don't waste time and do not contact those in the government and commercial organizations that require employees to positions related to material responsibility. Even if a conviction is lifted from you, your employer you can refuse without explanation.
Remember that to work in educational or medical institution you may be charged only in case if your criminal record is extinguished, and the crime wasn't related to your pedagogical or medical activities and, in addition, in no way belonged to the category of "violence to life and human health".
Start looking for a job from applying to small private companies. Even if a conviction is lifted from you, many employers may be interested in the fact a long break in your career. So try to get a job while on a low position below the gap in experience was not so obvious.
Be sure to specify in the questionnaire the fact of previous conviction, even as the security service of the organization in which you plan to work, must sooner or later become aware of these details. So if you didn't report it immediately, then the employer is not entitled to fire you for a "bad" article, you may begin to provoke and to impose penalties, to get rid of this, in his opinion, unreliable employee.
Engage in private enterprise and register the IP. Heads of establishments who do not want to take on the work of a man with a criminal record, usually do not refuse to cooperate with individual entrepreneurs.
If you are unable to solve independently the problems with employment or to register the IP, contact the local office of the employment service, where you are required to look for work. In extreme cases, you will be able to issue unemployment benefits and/or to the employment service direction to free courses.