Advice 1: How to get a job as a court bailiff

To work as a court bailiff rather difficult and, from a physical point of view, and moral. And besides, the work is thankless, because the officers daily have to deal with human grief. But despite this, every year the number of people wishing to work here is increasing. And here is how to get a civil service know not all.
How to get a job as a court bailiff
Separate plus you will have a special (legal) education. But even if not, you can still try to get in the FBS. You must come to headquarters (it is in every city) and to apply for an internship. You will be asked to provide a number of documents. It includes: - application for verification of criminal record (not just the candidate, but also his relatives);
- application for participation in the competition (fill pattern you will find in the Department);
- a completed application form;
- photocopy of the passport;
- employment history;
- copies of documents on education;
for men still needed a military ID. Practice is 2 weeks, after which you can submit another package of documents for passage of competition on replacement of vacant posts of bailiff.
The internship is not paid, you will have to work as a volunteer. But if it is passed successfully, then you can move on to the next stage of the recruitment work. It is necessary to collect additional package of documents, which includes the following papers:- CV (be sure to briefly describe the particulars of your life, and the lives of their relatives);
- 3 PCs. photos size 3.5 x 4.5 color matte without area;
- copy of birth certificate;
- if Yes, copy of marriage certificate or divorce;
- medical certificate with a conclusion of suitability for public service;
- certificate from narcological dispensary (that you registered are not a member);
- certificate from the psycho-neurological dispensary of the same;
- feedback from executives in your internships;
- the Declaration of assets;
help 2 personal income tax, if it worked before;
- the pension certificate;
- if there are rewards, information about the award.
- INN;
- medical insurance policy;
- if you have children, the birth certificate;
- leaflets about the limitations or prohibitions;
- statement of work;
- official regulations. Once the package of documents will be assembled and delivered, you will be called for interview.
Is interviewed, which is also called by the Commission for the workin several stages. First - you need to write a test, the results of which you can evaluate your intellectual level. And then you have to pass a test exam before the Commission of 12 people, who will ask you various questions to determine the adequacy of your mental strength.

Advice 2: How to get a job in the civil service

To get a job in the state bodies is possible only through participation in competition on replacement of vacant posts. It is written in the law. More detailed information can be found in specific organizations.
How to get a job in the civil service
Please contact the personnel Department government agencies - they will give you a comprehensive list of information on the desired position and the timing of the contest. Examine the provisions of the legislation regulating an order of the public service.
Prepare the necessary list of documents. You will need a copy of passport data with the information of residence, marital status, children, military service, personal data. In addition, make a copy of the diploma. The civil service are extremely with higher education. Sometimes it is possible to act in such a structure to service people with some College education. Then you should empower the future employer know and provide a written statement from the Dean's office about graduation.
Complete a special questionnaire, which shall describe in detail his autobiography, specify the personal qualities, list of education and previous positions. Make a copy of all pages of labor book. Typically, the documents are sealed and provided to the Commission. They attached a photograph, these images only need about four. One would subsequently be attached to the personal file, the second to the identity, etc.
You will be invited for an interview. Wear a suit and try to concisely answer the questions, do not use a large amount of makeup. What impression you will make on the Commission, it can depend on about 30% of the result.
You will need to pass a special test that aims to identify the level of logical thinking and inclinations, as well as psychological state. Pass a medical examination, do all the tests and attach a list of other documents the results of both studies. Make a just in case copy.
The Commission holds a meeting within 30 days from the date of filing by all candidates. It is considered eligible, if applications for vacancies submitted at least two.
On the date of the meeting of the Commission, the applicant shall be notified in advance in writing. Members can ask questions, conduct additional testing, to clarify questionnaire data. Also, you may be asked to provide information from the tax office.
By results of consideration of documents, the Commission gives an opinion on the conformity of candidate substitutable positions.
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